What We Have Right Now Is The Battle For The Soul Of A Nation

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
By Paul Martin

October 16, 2013

Today the man who oversees more than $150 billion warned King World News about the high likelihood of a coming great inflation, and he also said that what we are seeing right now is the “battle for the soul of a nation.” Rob Arnott, who has won an unprecedented six Graham & Dodd Awards and is also Chairman of Research Affiliates, also cautioned KWN about the direction the United States is headed in his powerful interview below.

Arnott: “What we really have going on behind the scenes in all of this is a battle for the soul of a nation. I look on the battle as one in a very, very long string of battles that will continue for years to come. This deal (which was just announced in Washington) buys a few weeks of peace….

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