Another Data Glitch Has Disrupted Exchange Trading! NASDARK Dumps To Red As OPRA Fails!!! U.S. OPTIONS EXCHANGES RSUMING TRADING AFTER OPRA ISSUE

Monday, September 16, 2013
By Paul Martin
September 16th, 2013

A Data Glitch Has Halted Options Trading

Options trading briefly froze today after the Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA)saw a system glitch.

Nasdaq, the CBOE, Bats and NYSE Euronext all ceased trading.

Options exchanges hit again by data-feed trouble

Another Day, Another Exchange Breaks

Good news: the market’s emergency selling preparedness test has been successful:

Update, as supposedly things are unbroken again:

as of 12:51 the CBOE and C2 are reopened and available for trading

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