Why Hyperinflation is Coming to America and How to Prepare Now

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
By Paul Martin

Eric Roseman

“We all keep worrying deflation, but it can turn so fast” – Adam Fergusson

Back in 1980 when my late grandfather, Abe Roseman, passed away, I inherited numerous personal items. These included tie bars, cufflinks, his old desk and lamp, and several other reminders of my childhood that to this day always put on a smile on my face.

Thirty years later, rummaging inside my late grandfather’s desk, I found 55 ounces of silver. Somehow, after all those years, I failed to pry open every drawer; what a surprise! How did he know I was a silver bull?

Or, perhaps, he wanted to be prepared for hard times.

Wisdom in Experience

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