More reports of Corexit-linked “FLOATING SAND” in Gulf — Large POWDERED blobs on surface (PHOTOS)

Saturday, August 28, 2010
By Paul Martin
August 27th, 2010

Initial word of a floating, powdery, sandy substance surfaced in the media last week. According to a local news report, lab testing confirmed the presence of Corexit in the water around the “floating sand.”

Corexit found in Orange Beach Waters, WKRG, August 19, 2010:

“Some times it’s about the size of a half dollar. Some times it streams along and its like floating sand.” …

She got samples [from her backyard] and sent them to chemist Bob Naman in Mobile whose tests results show 13 point 3 parts per million of the chemical dispersant Corexit.

The Rest…HERE

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