Saturday, June 1, 2013
By Paul Martin
Jun 1, 2013

This is our new government agenda at work. The LDS church runs farms and
canneries manned by thousands of volunteers to provide food and groceries
for the needy, unemployed, those who have survived disasters, or famines in
other parts of the world. These canneries have been in ever increasing
demand to supply food for those who need it. The LDS Church welfare
program produces canned fruits, vegetables, pastas, dairy products, breads,
flours, and grains. They even produce soaps, shampoos, and other health
aids. The LDS church welfare program has employment services and programs
to retrain people to get them back on their feet. It is all about self
sufficiency. Well the government lately has not taken lightly to a private
entity competing with them to provide for the needy and has been hitting
these private canneries and food stores with un needed regulations and
bureaucracy.The canneries always surpassed the health inspections, so
the feds had to hit them with new and expanding regulations .Finally the
church has had to give in to the government pressure and shut down
facilities all across the east coast putting many needy people in jeopardy,
hurting those who cant feed their families, and hindering in the world wide
famine relief efforts.That is the Change our new government wants,
they want people to be dependent on their welfare program, not a private
programs that actually works.
Please pass this on, the main news media will probably not cover this
story. Here are two links, please read them.

The government even raided several canneries looking for lists of the

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