Washington Scandals Smoke Screen for Gun Confiscation…”The communists are locked and loaded and have begun their advance.”

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
By Paul Martin

by Henry Shivley
May 15, 2013

Kansas recently passed legislation designed to preempt confiscation of firearms under federal law, which, said state legislation declares as unconstitutional. The Kansas legislation even goes so far as to say that zero infringement on the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights is the standard in reference to any and all firearms manufactured within its sovereign territory.

Other states such as Missouri have passed similar legislation which is now the law in those sovereign states. So, are the pro 2nd Article states making the appropriate moves to put the communist insurgency in checkmate in reference to the right of we the people to own and bear arms? Well, not quite.

Department of Defense regulations in reference to Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies published April 12, 2013 went into effect May 13, 2013. The new regulations authorize the implementation of statutory requirements for the Department of Defense to support civilian law enforcement agencies: federal, state, tribal, and local, including response to civil disturbances within the United States.

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