Former FBI Counter Terrorism Expert Confirms Total Surveillance State

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
By Paul Martin

FBI Counter Terrorism expert Tim Clemente appeared on CNN and made it quite clear that the government is tracking all digital communications.

by Derrick Broze
May 7, 2013

Most Americans who pay attention to the daily news have noticed the idea of privacy eroding in our society. More and more we face the watchful eyes of closed circuit television, and a growing militarization of police forces around the nation. For years now we have heard about the overwhelming threat of global terrorism and how we must give up our freedoms in order to keep the nation safe.

Many of us are aware that our daily communications could possibly be surveilled and watched if we are suspected of “terrorism”. This point was made even more clear recently when former FBI Counter Terrorism expert Tim Clemente appeared on CNN for a couple of interviews.

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