Massive Run On Physical Gold & Silver At UBS & Scotiabank

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
By Paul Martin
April 17, 2013

Today a legend in the business told King World News there is a massive run on physical gold and silver at UBS in Switzerland, and Scotiabank in Canada. Keith Barron, who consults with major gold companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, spoke about this remarkable situation and what it means for investors. Below is what Barron had to say in part I of this exclusive interview.

Eric King: “Keith, KWN has been reporting on shortages of bullion that are already developing. What do you make of the run on physical gold and silver that’s happening here?”

Barron: “There is absolutely no question that this was an orchestrated takedown in gold and silver the last few days. We already know that ABM AMRO had gold missing, I believe it was out of allocated accounts, and they wanted to give people cash instead of returning gold bars to them.

At the Bank of Nova Scotia in Toronto the gold window has been absolutely swamped. I have confirmed there were people lined up in droves recently for multiple-hours at a time to buy gold and silver bars and coins….

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