Saturday, August 7, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Joel Turtel
August 7, 2010

Is His REAL Agenda To Strangle Oil and Gas Producers?

Here’s my theory on Obama’s REAL agenda for his drilling Moratorium in the Gulf. In a recent video interview (YouTube), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal can’t seem to fathom Obama’s utter indifference to wrecking the offshore oil and gas industry in Louisiana with his dictatorial Moratorium. He can’t understand Obama’s seemingly utter contempt and indifference to the tens of thousands of Louisiana workers who work for or depend on the oil industry in the Gulf, who will lose their jobs if the Moratorium continues. Governor Jindal is a good but, in this case, somewhat naive man who does not understand that this Moratorium could be a deliberate and ruthless act of political calculation by radical socialists in the Obama administration.

Mr. Obama and his cohorts do not like to waste a crisis to promote their radical-socialist agenda. I believe the oil spill presented a perfect opportunity for Obama to take control of and/or strangle the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico, a major source of energy for America. Now why would Obama, President of the United States, want to deliberately strangle oil and gas drilling in the Gulf that would throw thousands of Louisiana oil and gas workers out of a job? Consider this. Obama is a radical socialist. Obama is a student and admirer of the marxist radical “community organizer,” Saul Alinsky.

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