Saturday, October 20, 2012
By Paul Martin

‘Dreams from My Real Father’ proves hot to handle for tiny Midwest city


A tea party group in Fairfield, Iowa, had put up posters, advertised and spoken on the radio, excited about bringing filmmaker Joel Gilbert to town to show and answer questions about his Obama exposé, “Dreams from My Real Father.”

But then rumors of complaints began to circulate in this small city of 9,464, and controversy erupted. Only days before the Oct. 13 event, The Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, where the film was to be shown, cancelled the event until its board could evaluate whether such a politically hot-topic film would violate the Center’s non-profit status.

“Censorship has reached small town America, not just major metros where Democrats have more control,” Gilbert told WND at the time. “Iowa’s the middle of country; if we have censorship in little towns there, is there any hope for the First Amendment?”

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