OWS in Danger: Socialist Groups Aim to Hijack Movement

Sunday, October 9, 2011
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
October 9, 2011

The corporate media routinely portrays the Occupy Wall Street movement as aimless and without coordination. Socialist groups, however, are quickly and aggressively moving to hijack the movement and ultimately expel or marginalize elements they oppose.

In the video above, Nelini Stamp is interviewed. She is a member of the Working Families Party. According to the interviewer, Stamp and her comrades have been in New York since the beginning of the protest and are organizing the leaderless movement.

Working Families’ socialist pedigree

The Working Families Party was created by a coalition of labor unions, ACORN, community groups and the now defunct New Party.

According to Conservapedia, the New Party’s goal was to infiltrate the Democratic Party “with the ultimate objective of creating a major third party whose platform is Marxism.” Many key members were from the Democratic Socialists of America. Noam Chomsky and CIA operative Gloria Steinem were party members.

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