Revealed: How U.S. would deal with UK-style riots… by sending the Army to areas with ‘large numbers of minority groups’

Monday, August 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

Authority to send troops onto the streets stems from constitutional provision for ‘Militia’ to ‘repel invasions’

Controversial list of ‘indicators of potential violence’ focuses exclusively on areas with high numbers of minority groups


As thugs have wreaked havoc with riots throughout the UK, many have speculated about what authorities should have done to put the violence to a swift end.
And it appears the U.S. has already got detailed plans in place should similar uprisings sweep across the Atlantic.
Experts have revealed that the military would immediately be drafted in – patrolling the streets with police officers and securing important buildings, landmarks and bridges.
The operational plans, named CONPLAN 3501 and 3502, are said to have been drafted to combat mass outbreaks of disruption.

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