Nearly all shrimping boats abandon Key West after crew pulls up oil-covered shrimp

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
By Paul Martin
June 15th, 2010

Locals In Key West Fearing Worst Of Oil Spill, CBS 4 Miami, June 14, 2010:

Next to the Hogfish [restaurant near downtown Key West] sits a pier that is usually full of shrimp boats. But on Monday, CBS4’s Gio Benitez found only one boat docked there.

The last time Hogfish manager Tim Dion saw all the shrimping boats was three to four weeks ago. The boats would always bring fresh shrimp from the Gulf…

sometime between May 18 to May 25.

This is precisely the time that “about 12 miles north of Dry Tortugas, the crew on the Mattie Fay hauled up their shrimp catch and got oil,” according to a May 24 report in the Naples Daily News.

“Tar balls were tangled in their nets with the shrimp. There was tar on the shrimp, tar on their boots, tar on their gloves.”

The boat’s captain said, “Now, we’re leaving. I seen the sign of that tar out there the other day and I don’t want to get trapped.”

Apparently the other shrimpers saw the signs as well.

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