Bill O’Reilly slammed his wife into a wall and dragged her by the throat down a staircase after she caught him having phone sex while naked from the waist down claim court docs

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
By Paul Martin

In an affidavit filed in October of 2011, Bill O’Reilly’s ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy accused him of assaulting her in a vicious attack at their home
McPhilmy said in the court filing, which was obtained by Jezebel, that she caught O’Reilly having phone sex in their bedroom while naked from the waist down
He then slammed her into a wall, dragged her down a hallway and grabbed her by the throat before pulling her down the stairs claims the affidavit
O’Reilly stopped the attack after he encountered a security guard who was in the family’s $2.2million home to protect them according to the affidavit
McPhilmy said she opted to not press charges or tell authorities when asked by the guard, who she noted was caught off guard seeing her naked husband

10 May 2017

The ex-wife of Bill O’Reilly claimed in an affidavit filed during the couple’s divorce proceedings that the disgraced Fox News host physically assaulted her when she found him having phone sex.

Maureen McPhilmy filed a notarized account of the incident in which she alleged that O’Reilly ‘flew into a fit of rage’ back in December 2009 when she found him in the middle of an intimate conversation with another person while in a partial state of undress in their bedroom.

She claimed in the court filing that soon after she walked in on O’Reilly, 67, he slammed her against a wall in their bedroom before wrapping his arms around her body and dragging her around their $2.2million Long Island mansion.

The October 11, 2011 affidavit was submitted as an exhibit in O’Reilly’s recent fraud lawsuit against McPhilmy’s divorce attorney Michael Klar and obtained by Jezebel just one week after a judge ordered that the document be sealed.

McPhilmy claimed in the affidavit that a one-foot hole was left in the bedroom wall as a result of O’Reilly throwing her across the room at the start of the alleged altercation.

She was then grabbed by O’Reilly, who wrapped his arms around her so she was unable to move and dragged her down the hallway of their home according to the affidavit.

Then, when they reached the staircase, McPhilmy claimed that O’Reilly began dragging her by the neck and he walked downstairs and through the kitchen, where he eventually let go when they ran into one of their security guards.

The affidavit stated that McPhilmy was screaming out in pain as she was being dragged and telling O’Reilly he was hurting her, but refused to file a report or speak with authorities when approached by the security guard who witnessed the alleged incident.

It was also stated in the filing that the man in the kitchen, who had been hired to protect the family, was caught off guard at the sight of O’Reilly naked from the waist down.

Two of the women who received settlements after accusing O’Reilly of harassment, Andrea Mackris and Juliet Ruddy, stated that they believed he was masturbating when he called them up for unwanted phone sex conversations.

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