More Foreign Troops In Colorado: The End Game Is Near-Paul Martin

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
January 11th, 2017

I recently interviewed Paul Martin with regard to yet another report of large scale foreign troop movements in Colorado. Literally, dozens of people have contacted on the same issue. Paul and I have concluded that the end game is near.

2 Responses to “More Foreign Troops In Colorado: The End Game Is Near-Paul Martin”

  1. Important - J


    Foreighn Operational Point established at the marriott hotel in the DTC on DTC BLVD.

    Go see for yourself.

  2. Josh

    No pics, no video, no proof. Come on now, use that investigative journalism and post up some evidence. Everyone has smart phones now days! Every one of these bloggers/writers has their “deep/secret sources”, but that doesn’t mean squat to us normal people. Hodges lives within miles of the Toyota Proving Grounds but yet doesn’t post any pics or videos.


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