Historic ‘atmospheric river’ storm topples hollowed-out Giant Sequoia that’s stood for CENTURIES in California as the state is battered by the worst weather in decades

Monday, January 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

Pioneer Cabin in Calaveras Big Trees State Park fell on Sunday at about 2pm
The tree, which stood in the state park in Calaveras County, California, for centuries, came down during heavy rains
The tunnel used to allow cars to pass under but in recent years was only accessible to hikers
It came as the West Coast faced one of the worst storms it’s seen in a decade
Another storm is expected to hit the West Coast region on Monday

9 January 2017

A well-known giant sequoia tree known for the massive hollowed-out tunnel at its core has been toppled during California’s weekend storms.

The historic Pioneer Cabin in Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Calaveras County, California, came down during heavy rains on Sunday at about 2pm local time.

The tree, which has stood for centuries before being knocked over during the atmospheric river storm hitting the West Coast, was hollowed out in the 1800s to allow tourists to pass through it.

Cars were later able to use the tunnel, but in recent years it has only been accessible to hikers.

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