European war zone: Lawmakers consider allowing citizens to SHOOT terrorists on sight

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

POTENTIAL terrorists could be shot on sight by CIVILIANS – if gun laws are are changed in the EU.

By Alex Hickson
4th January 2017

Lawmakers in the Czech Republic are considering amending its constitution to allow people to use legal firearms to shoot terrorists.

It comes as applications for firearms have skyrocketed across EU countries amid fears of repeated attacks like those in Berlin, Paris and Nice.

“The terrorist attacks we have seen in Western Europe and elsewhere have increased security concerns among the public,” Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec told Czech Republic’s news station Radio Praha.

The minister plans to submit a proposal for a gun amendment before the nation’s general election in October.

Officials argue that the change in law would increase the protection of people’s fundamental rights and freedoms, CTK news agency reports.

They add that the laws would only apply to Czech citizens and not to people from other EU nations who are staying in the Republic.

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    No no no you dont want that…keep them helpless


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