A Dearth of Depraved Dames

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Becky Akers

In its quixotic quest to protect us from expectant mothers, survivors of cancer, and folks hustling to make their flights, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has painted itself into a corner. Apparently, it employs lopsided proportions of men and women because more of the former than the latter are willing to grope groins for pay.

Yes, this reverses the stereotype of prostitution as a woman’s crime. But it also undermines one of the very few “important rights” the TSA magnanimously grants in exchange for stripping every Constitutional protection from us: “All pat-downs [sic for ‘sexual assaults’] are only conducted by same-gender officers [sic for ‘assailants’].”

Add to this imbalance the likelihood that the Thousands of so-called men Standing Around the checkpoints “randomly” select more buxom or attractive female than male passengers to paw. Even if they don’t manhandle the victims themselves, anecdotal evidence confirms they watch and leer.

And so while the lines of women awaiting molestation grow ever longer, the supply of thuggettes dishing it out grows shorter. Or, as the Washington Post editorializes in its “Local” news, “Building a diverse workforce has become a mantra, hopefully not a hollow one, for organizations in the public and private sectors. For the Transportation Security Administration, gender diversity is more than a goal, it’s an absolute necessity. … what happens when there are too few female TSOs [sic for ‘assailants’] to handle” – ha, ha! What a punster! – “the load of female passengers? The answer at Washington Dulles International Airport and others across the country has been to transfer female screeners [sic for ‘assailants’] from baggage inspections to passenger lines.”

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