Are We In Danger of Radioactive Exposure from the Japanese Nuclear Leaks?

Monday, March 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by George Washington

If we could rely on the Japanese and American governments to inform us of any danger, we wouldn’t have to be so vigilant. But given the American government’s cover up of the severity of the BP oil disaster, the health risk to New Yorkers after 9/11, and numerous other health issues, we will have to educate and empower ourselves. As ABC News notes, experts says that Japan has a long history of nuclear cover-ups. The New York Times points out:
The different radioactive materials being reported at the nuclear accidents in Japan range from relatively benign to extremely worrisome.
The central problem in assessing the degree of danger is that the amounts of various radioactive releases into the environment are now unknown, as are the winds and other atmospheric factors that determine how radioactivity will disperse around the stricken plants.

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