Attitudes Of Secession Starting to Run Deep in the Hearts of Texans

Monday, January 31, 2011
By Paul Martin

Today was the 150th Anniversary of Texas suceeding from the union prior to the war of northern aggression for their displeasure at Abraham Lincoln’s policies that were seen as an encroachment on state rights. Today many Texans are very upset at President Obama coming in and taking over issuing permits for power plants and refineries. Many oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico have fled off the coast of the Lone star state seeking better place to drill outside Washington’s regulatory claws.

seeking better place to drill outside Washington’s regulatory claws.
On the 150th Anniversary of Texas leaving the union before the Civil War. A day in Texas history to remember. In early March 2rd will be Texas independence day were early Texans severed political ties with Mexico under the dictatorial rule of General Santa Anna in 1836 .Soon after the massacre at the Alamo.This did not dampen the Texans resolve. A few weeks later Texas was free after the Battle of San Jacinto when the Mexican Army surrendered April 21 ,1836.

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