America’s Pensionless Future

Friday, January 7, 2011
By Paul Martin


The first debt bomb has already detonated. Is it the first explosion in a nationwide chain reaction?
Want to see the future? Go to Prichard, Alabama. It is a city with a sobering lesson for America and for millions of people who think the good times are about to return.
What draws our attention here?
Nothing. That’s what’s startling. There is hardly anything going on here anymore. Prichard in 2011 is a rundown, decaying, derelict collection of overgrown, boarded-up old buildings. Around them, abandoned homes litter a landscape crisscrossed with cratered roads and trash-strewn streets. The only thing making any noise is the graffiti.
Why the silence? It’s because 40 percent of the population of Prichard isn’t there. And the few remaining businesses operate from behind barred windows and guard dogs.

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