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Rasmussen Poll Reports Majority of U.S. Support Nullification

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. Wednesday, 08 May 2013 In what must be bad news to Attorney General Eric Holder (and his boss in the Oval Office), results of a new Rasmussen poll indicate that 49 percent of respondents believe that the regulation of gun ownership is a state or local issue. On... »

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BREAKING: Senate to Vote on Pro Gun Amendments added to Water Resources Bill Sponsored by Barbara Boxer (VIDEO)

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

by Jennifer Cruz 5/08/13 Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has added two pro-gun amendments to a water resources bill. The two amendments would allow firearms to be carried on some federal land that is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and would establish a registry of firearms and ammunition owned by the... »

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Bad news at the grill as beef prices hit all-time high

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Amy Langfield NBC News 5-7-2013 Outdoor chefs are in for an unhappy surprise as the summer grilling season approaches: The cost to fire up a backyard barbecue is going up. The price of wholesale beef hit an all-time high Friday and there is no indication it will decline this year. While the price of... »

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Unprecedented U.S readiness crisis: Air Force strips 17 officers of authority to launch nuclear weapons

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 May 8, 2013 WASHINGTON – The Air Force stripped an unprecedented 17 officers of their authority to control — and, if necessary, launch — nuclear missiles after a string of unpublicized failings, including a remarkably dim review of their unit’s launch skills. The group’s deputy commander said it is suffering “rot” within its... »

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Rising threat of a pandemic: flu infections rising among pigs in southern China, says study

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 May 8, 2013 CHINA – Scientists said on Wednesday that flu infections were rising among pigs raised for slaughter on farms in south and southeastern China, also plagued by bird flu. And the risk of spillover to humans was “constant or growing”, according to one of the authors of a study published in... »

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Sen. Manchin: Background Checks “Expand Second Amendment”

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Kurt Nimmo Prison May 8, 2013 Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is trying to get another background check bill through the Senate following last month’s defeat of a bill he introduced with Republican Senator Patrick Toomey. “I truly believe the background check bill is possible to get passed,” Manchin told CBS News on Tuesday.... »

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France reports first case of new SARS-like virus

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 May 8, 2013 France has identified its first case of a new strain of coronavirus emerging from the Middle East in a person recently returned from the United Arab Emirates, the health ministry said on Wednesday. The ministry said it had opened an investigation into what it said was the first and only... »

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Morning News: McDonald’s Sales Down 0.6% Worldwide, China Faking Its Economic Data, CNBC Viewership Plunges To Eight Year Lows, Roubini Says Look Out for A Big Market Crash

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 May 8th, 2013 McDonald’s Asia Brings Down April Comparable Store Sales Here’s the regional breakdown: U.S. up 0.7% (Est. down 0.05%) Europe down 2.4% (Est. down 1.01%) Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) down 2.9% (Est. down 1.44%) “In April, APMEA’s comparable sales declined 2.9%, reflecting the impact of Avian influenza, primarily in... »

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Statists Use Twisted Logic To Attack The Bill Of Rights

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Brandon Smith Wednesday, 08 May 2013 In the war for the continued existence of our Nation’s Constitutional principles, I had long wondered whether statists were simply confounded by the Bill of Rights and ignorant of its function or whether they were maliciously inclined, knowing exactly what it means but seeking its destruction anyway.... »

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Americans Convinced Gun Homicides Soar Despite Actual Plunge In Gun Crimes

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

by Tyler Durden 05/07/2013 In yet another example of the massive gap between the American people’s perception of what is going on around them (whether by propaganda channels or simply cognitive bias) and the actual reality, Reuters reports that while gun-related homicides are down 39% from the 1993 peak, only 12% of people... »

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