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Doug Casey: “We Are Living In The Middle Of The Biggest Bubble In History.”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

by Tyler Durden 01/18/2013 The recovery since the 2008 financial crisis is just an illusion created by the papering-over of our insolvency by central-bank printing. Doug Casey adds that the current state is akin to being “in the eye of the hurricane thanks to this ‘cover'” and believes the printing which will ultimately... »

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Greyerz – We Are Now Seeing Massive Shortages Of Silver

Friday, January 18th, 2013 January 18, 2013 Today Egon von Greyerz told King World News he is now seeing massive shortages of silver. Greyerz went on to warn about a frightening series of global storms which are set to collide, which will create an enormous hurricane in 2013. He also spoke about gold and included a tremendous... »

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Celente: The 2013 Financial Collapse Will Be One For The Ages

Friday, January 18th, 2013 January 18, 2013 Today top trends forecaster Gerald Celente told King World News the Western world is heading into a massive financial collapse in 2013. Celente also provided KWN exclusively with a small portion of a frightening new piece from the former Assistant Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan, which is contained in the... »

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Friday, January 18th, 2013 January 18th, 2013 The beleaguered government of Mariano Rajoy has been embarrassed by revelations that its party’s former treasurer had a bank account in Switzerland containing up to €22 million.….html That is the first news. High-level corruption in a country with a 26% unemployment rate in the government party, in a country... »

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“Gold Will Prove A Haven From Currency Storms” – OMFIF Study…“western economies have attempted to dismantle gold’s monetary role. This has failed.”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

GoldCore 01/18/2013 Demand for gold is likely to rise as the world heads towards a multi-currency reserve system under the impact of uncertainty about the stability of the dollar and the euro, the main official assets held by central banks and sovereign funds. This is the conclusion of a wide-ranging analysis of the... »

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Bis Sis Snitch Program To Help Enforce Gun Control

Friday, January 18th, 2013

‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign to “expand” for Executive Orders on firearms Steve Watson Jan 18, 2013 Government Security News reports that three federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security were intimately involved in outlining the sweeping gun control proposals outlined by the president this week. “The Department of Homeland Security Secretary... »

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Drill Characterizes “Disgruntled” Second Amendment Advocates as Terrorists

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Ohio exercise centers around WMD plot Paul Joseph Watson Prison January 18, 2013 A safety exercise involving police, national guard and emergency management officials in Portsmouth, Ohio was centered around the premise that individuals “disgruntled over the government’s interpretation of the Second Amendment” plotted to use weapons of mass destruction to terrorize the... »

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UN Gun Grab on Pace for March

Friday, January 18th, 2013

by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. Thursday, 17 January 2013 In just two months the globalists of the UN will gather in New York City to put the final touches on plans to impose strict regulations worldwide on the right of the individual to buy, sell, trade, or own guns and ammunition. On March... »

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Currency World War Looms As Japan, China, US & Europe Decline And A New Gold Standard Is Being Born

Friday, January 18th, 2013 January 17th, 2013 Currency World War looms as Japan, China, US & Europe decline Russia has warned a currency World War is looming for the global economy. The concerns were sparked by Japan’s move to lower the value of the yen in pursuit of better exports causing fears of a massive chain reaction... »

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We’re Now In The Eye Of The Perfect Storm: Europe’s Banking System Is Breaking Down Again, APPLE Is Following An Ominous Path, China Trust Loans Jump Sevenfold, And Several Measures Of Market Sentiment Are Now Hitting Extremes

Friday, January 18th, 2013 January 17th, 2013 Europe’s Banking System Is Breaking Down Again Greece’s four largest banks need to boost their capital by 27.5 billion euros ($36.3 billion) after taking losses from the country’s debt swap earlier this year, the largest sovereign restructuring in history. National Bank of Greece SA, the country’s biggest lender, needs to... »

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