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Greece brought to a standstill by despairing protests over austerity

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Helena Smith in Athens The Guardian Thursday 18 October 2012 Vanna Mendaleni is a middle aged Greek woman who until now has not had vehement feelings about the crisis that has engulfed her country. But that changed when the softly spoken undertaker, closing her family-run funeral parlour, joined thousands of protesters on Thursday in... »

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The Future, As Imagined By Google, Includes Internal Monitoring Chip

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

The Future, as Imagined by Google By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER OCTOBER 15, 2012 In Eric E. Schmidt’s future, his life will be a lot easier. His bed will wake him up when he cycles out of R.E.M. sleep. A driverless car will take him to work. Returning phone calls, scheduling events and other... »

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US, Israel to begin major air defense drill

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Against backdrop of tension with Iran, US forces begin to arrive in Israel ahead of largest joint military exercise yet; drill to cost over $37 million Yoav Zitun 10.17.12 The US and Israel are embarking on the largest exercise in their long military relationship, against a backdrop of tension with Iran and sharp... »

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Are We In the Middle of a Cyber False Flag Attack Being Launched to Justify War Against Iran?

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 October 18, 2012 Internet False Flag Against American Banks? We reported last year that a “false flag” attack on the Internet could be used to justify a crack-down on free speech. We’ve repeatedly noted that the U.S. or Israel might blow something up and then falsely blame it on Iran. Last month, Michael... »

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Pediatricians Call for Rolling Back Second Amendment to Protect Kids

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Kurt Nimmo October 18, 2012 The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling for “the strictest possible regulation of gun sales, as well as more education for parents on the dangers of having a gun at home” to prevent the death of children, according to Reuters. The organization released its recommendation to coincide with... »

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Spain Proposes Law Prohibiting Recording And Capturing Of Local Cops In Action

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

by Tyler Durden 10/18/2012 If a recently proposed law by the director general of Spanish police, Ignacio Cosidó, is actually enacted, it is likely that live (or replayed) webcasts, photos and any electronic recordings such as those seen recently from the Madrid anti-sovereignty riots may be a thing of the past. But not... »

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American-Style Fascism

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

By Stephen Lendman, Contributor October 18, 2012 On October 16, Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY) hosted the second Obama/Romney charade. Demagogic blather again took center stage. Ritualistic theater was featured. Grade F spectacle defines it. Bombast substituted for substance. Vital facts about the state of the nation and world were excluded. Viewers wasted two... »

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Cops petrol bombed as Greeks fume at new €10 bln cuts call

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 Oct 18, 2012 Scenes of violence return to the streets of Athens where police have resorted to tear gas to disperse anti-austerity protesters. Thousands of Greeks voiced their anger over a new round of cuts being demanded by the country’s lenders in exchange for another bailout payment. This coincides with a general strike... »

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STOCK MARKET CRASH IMMINENT: Projects Start Getting Delayed And We Are Starting To See Earnings Miss, Now US Is About To Get Downgrade AGAIN!!

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 October 18th, 2012 CEOs Run Out of Costs To Cut And US Domestic Demand Is In Decline As Customers Are Increasingly Wary About Spending!! From Reuters: The list of companies’ reasons for weak performance has expanded, with some citing a decline in demand in the United States… “Once we start to see earnings... »

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Man Self-Immolates In Front Of Rome’s Presidential Palace

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

by Tyler Durden 10/18/2012 Over the weekend it was not some disenchanted and long-suffering Greek, nor Irishman, nor even a Spaniard, but a German who burned and stabbed himself to death in front of the Reichstag in broad daylight. Moments ago, yet another country which has so far had been spared ritualistic (attempted)... »

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