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Al Qaeda Does Not Exist – BBC Special Documentary (Full Version) Have Your Say! Rate This Film!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 2007 – According to this BBC documentary there’s no such thing as al-Qaeda – at least not as we’ve come to know it. It’s a fraud perpetrated on the British and American people by the governments to scare us into submission. While Osama bin Laden did have links to Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists,... »

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From Complacency To Crisis Around The World

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

by Tyler Durden 09/23/2012 We have discussed the CRIC cycle a number of times – especially with regards Europe – but it seems the never-ending story of Crisis-Response-Improvement-Complacency has struck once again as Morgan Stanley notes when complacency becomes pervasive, it usually gives way to a renewed crisis. Complacent financial markets appear to... »

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Former CIA Agent’s Message to America

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

by Clark Kent Powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent to all Americans. YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE! The speaker is named Robert David Steele. From the Comments Section… A large part of the American people are complacent, spoiled, overweight, brainwashed, and lazy. If the bull$hit that’s happening in this country now, happened 30, 40... »

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CIA-Sponsored Taliban and al-Qaeda Resurface in the Theater of False Flags

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism September 20, 2012 The theater that is the war on terror has reached new heights as the CIA-sponsored Taliban have announced they will focus strategies on high-profile assaults. This plays into the agenda of the global Elite and their puppet world leaders who want the appearance of a problem to... »

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Silver Still To Out Perform Gold – As Euro Crisis Peaks

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 Sep 23, 2012 How much longer is it going to take before the debt factor inside the euro crisis has reached its limit? Is this whole house of cards about to burn down? Will it be the Germans who ultimately have to pay for the fiscal mistakes that other euro nations made before... »

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Hamas signs binding military commitment to Iran-led war on Israel

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

DEBKAfile September 23, 2012 Hamas leader Mahmoud A-Zahar and deputy commander of its military arm, Marwan Issa, spent the second week of September in Beirut and Tehran finalizing and signing protocols covering a binding commitment by the radical Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip to join Iran, Syria and Hizballah in a war on... »

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FBI eager to embrace mobile ‘Rapid DNA’ testing

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

New breed of biometrics equipment already in use with government intelligence in secretive agencies By Ellen Messmer It’s been the FBI’s dream for years — to do near-instant DNA analysis using mobile equipment in the field — and now “Rapid DNA” gear is finally here. The idea is that you simply drop into... »

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The Rutherford Institute Sounds Warning: Mark Of The Beast Coming Soon With A Lethal One-Two Punch

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Smile, the Government Is Watching: Next Generation Identification By John W. Whitehead “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement was scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984 Brace yourselves for the next wave in the surveillance state’s steady incursions... »

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Simulated Cybersecurity Threats That Pave the Way for Internet Restrictions

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Susanne Posel, Contributor Activist Sunday, September 23, 2012 Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, spoke to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting this week and confirmed that the Obama administration is circumventing Congress and drafting an “inter-agency process” which is “close to completion depending on a few... »

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EU Stasi to Patrol Internet for Politcal Enemies Opposed to “European Integration”

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Kurt Nimmo Prison September 23, 2012 During a speech in 2006, Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovksy referred to classified documents held by the Politburo and the Central Committee. The confidential documents spelled out a plan to turn Europe into a totalitarian super-state. In 1989, during a visit by a Trilateral Commission delegation sent to... »

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