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10 Things That We Can Learn About Shortages And Preparation From The Economic Collapse In Greece

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 When the economy of a nation collapses, almost everything changes. Unfortunately, most people have never been through anything like that, so it can be difficult to know how to prepare. For those that are busy preparing for the coming global financial collapse, there is a lot to be learned from the economic depression... »

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Craig R. Smith: I believe we are on the edge of another Lehman-type meltdown

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Kenneth Schortgen Jr June 3, 2012 On June 2, precious metals expert and Chairman of Swiss America Trading Corporation, Craig R. Smith, sent out an urgent email blast stating that after the economic events that took place on Friday, the markets are primed for a new Lehman-type meltdown, similar to what took place... »

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The Real Reason Why Global Markets Are Melting Down

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012 June 3, 2012 With global stock markets in turmoil, gold on the move, and panic in Europe, today Michael Pento, of Pento Portfolio Strategies, writes exclusively for King World News to let readers know exactly why markets are melting down. Here is what Pento had to say about the situation: “Most investors and... »

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DER SPIEGEL: Israeli Nukes Are Deployed Underseas On Subs Bought From Germany

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Robert Johnson Jun. 3, 2012 For decades the world has accepted that Israel sits upon a mountain of nuclear weapons that it says simply don’t exist, and without any proof to show otherwise, that’s the way it has stood. Until now. Der Spiegel reports that after extensive research they’ve unearthed proof not only... »

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Senator ‘mortified’ about possible disaster at Unit 4 — ‘Still shakes his head in disbelief’ over Fukushima visit two months ago

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

By ENENews June 3rd, 2012 Fukushima still feeds lawmakers’ concerns for West Coast Gannett Paul C. Barton June 3, 2012 More than 14 months after a massive earthquake ripped apart the Fukushima nuclear power complex in Japan, fears persist about how a follow-up natural disaster at the still-fragile site could impact the West Coast... »

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Largest US Newspaper Publisher: ‘Enough radioactivity to poison millions’ in Fukushima Unit 4 — Radiation to hit West Coast of US would be ‘far more’ than trace amounts if fuel rods exposed, says Senator

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

By ENENews June 3rd, 2012 Fukushima still feeds lawmakers’ concerns for West Coast Gannett Paul C. Barton June 3, 2012 Spent fuel rods, containing enough radioactivity to poison millions, remain in pools of water covered only with plastic in the badly damaged Unit No. 4. If the building ever collapses, experts have warned,... »

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Stock Markets Heading for a Blood Bath Next Week

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

By: Sam Chee Kong Market Oracle Jun 03, 2012 Well since our last analysis last week, both fundamental and technical aspects of the markets have since deteriorated much. On the technical perspective markets seems too weak to produce any meaningful rebound although all of them are in oversold conditions. The barrage of bad news... »

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Destitution and Hunger In Greek Prisons: “Not Even One Grain of Rice Left In Warehouses”

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

The Daily Sheeple June 3rd, 2012 All indications suggest that basic services in Greece have begun to break down, with reports from several Greek prisons and military installations indicating that prisoners are malnourished and starving. Food shortages caused by austerity related spending cuts and truck stoppages are also reportedly reducing daily rations for... »

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“Let’s not delude ourselves: If the euro falls apart, so will the European Union, triggering a global economic crisis on a scale that most people alive today have never experienced,”

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

The week that Europe stopped pretending The euro has essentially broken down as a viable economic and political undertaking. The latest rush of events reeks of impending denouement. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard TelegraphUK 03 Jun 2012 Switzerland is threatening capital controls to repel bank flight from Euroland. The Swiss two-year note has fallen to -0.32pc,... »

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Bilderberg Group Exposed Worldwide on their 58th Anniversary

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

By Shepard Ambellas June 3, 2012 Times have never been more exciting as the Bilderberg Group has now been exposed worldwide on their 58th anniversary of their ultra secret meetings. The alternative media, along with the help of some very brave mainline press agencies, such as the Drudge Report, the London Guardian, German... »

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