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Salem Unit 2 nuclear reactor shuts down after cooling pump failure

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

By Bill Gallo Jr Tuesday, June 28, 2011 LOWER ALLOWAYS CREEK TWP. — The Salem Unit 2 nuclear plant remained shut down this afternoon following a problem with a reactor coolant pump, according to a spokesman for the plant’s operator. Salem 2 automatically went offline Sunday at 6:01 p.m. when the coolant pump... »

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EPA On Radiation Alert As Fires Reach 50 Feet From Los Alamos Nuke Plant

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Environmental Protection Agency cannot be trusted to provide accurate information about health threats Paul Joseph Watson Prison Wednesday, June 29, 2011 The wildfire that threatens to consume the Los Alamos nuclear lab in New Mexico is now approaching the perimeter of the facility, with the Environmental Protection Agency on radiation alert for the... »

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Wildfire expected to grow “indefinitely” — Firefighters said yesterday was a “make or break day” but fire has refused to be tamed

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 June 29th, 2011 Las Conchas Fire Now 3 Percent Contained, Albuquerque Journal, June 29, 2011: The Albuquerque Journal’s Phil Parker reported from Los Alamos this morning that the campfire smell in town was the strongest there since the fire began on Sunday. Firefighters had looked to Tuesday as a “make or... »

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Fire Chief at Los Alamos: “God I hope not… God I hope not” — “I seriously think it will be up to 100,000 acres”

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 June 29th, 2011 Wildfire closes in on Los Alamos, CBS/AP, June 29, 2011: Dangerous flames inch ever-closer to the Los Alamos National Lab- fueling more concerns of a possible disaster. A major concern is that out of control wildfires may reach thousands of containers with Plutonium-contaminated waste in them. But authorities at... »

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12 Things That The Mainstream Media Is Being Strangely Quiet About Right Now

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 As the mainstream media continues to be obsessed with Anthony Weiner and his bizarre adventures on Twitter, much more serious events are happening around the world that are getting very little attention. In America today, if the mainstream media does not cover something it is almost as if it never happened. Right now,... »

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Fukushima spews, Los Alamos burns, Vermont rages & we’ve almost lost Nebraska

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Harvey Wasserm June 29, 2011 Humankind is now threatened by the simultaneous implosion, explosion, incineration, courtroom contempt and drowning of its most lethal industry. We know only two things for certain: worse is yet to come, and those in charge are lying about it—at least to the extent of what they actually know,... »

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Viscous fire scorches Los Alamos atomic bomb lab Tech Area 49 Continue reading on Viscous fire scorches Los Alamos atomic bomb lab Tech Area 49

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Deborah Dupre June 29, 2011 Las Conchas, that Associate Press calls a “viscous fire,” is being battled to keep it from the nation’s most secretive and sensitive nuclear lab that birthed atomic energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory. The fire has scorched the facility’s Tech Area 49. It burned an additional 20,000 acres in... »

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Rioters Turn Athens Greece Into A War Zone — Banks And Finance Ministry Set On Fire After Banker Bailout Passes

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

by Alexander Higgins Alexander Higgins Blog June 29, 2011 After Greek politicians sold out an 80% majority opposed to the banker bailout and passed draconian austerity measures, using the excuse they were blackmailed, the rioters in Athens responded by turning Greece into a war zone and setting banks, cars, and the Finance Ministry on... »

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Kissinger’s Marching Orders: Buy Out, Dismember, Destroy America

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

By George Butler & Charlotte Littlefield Henry Kissinger is taken as a credible and influential presidential adviser, despite the fact that there is an abundance of legal evidence that he is a war criminal. He is also being pursued by Spanish and French authorities. When viewed from purely legal stand point, author Christopher... »

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The 5 Steps of How The Fictitious 9/11 Story Was Implanted Into The Public Consciousness

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

The Excavator June 29, 2011 The freaky thing about the false flag attack on 9/11 is that a ready-made script to blame the attacks on radical Islamists was prepared and written years ahead of time. The false narrative of who did 9/11 and why they did it was so believable because media portrayals of... »

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