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The Police State Is Doomed

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

by Gary North I am perceived by many readers as a pessimist. I am not a pessimist. I am an optimist beyond your wildest imagination. I am an eschatological postmillennialist. There are not many of us. I am also a believer in the free market social order – not just in its superiority... »

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No Fascist Feel-Ups for Me or My Daughter

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Letters to US Air and Orbitz by Kathryn Muratore I sent these letters to US Air and Orbitz earlier this week. I will be posting updates on my communications with these companies regarding their complicity in abuse of the 4th Amendment on a regular basis on this blog. Today’s update: no response from... »

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Doug Casey on Voting

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Interviewed by Louis James L: Doug, last week we spoke about presidents. We have an election coming up in the U.S., one many people believe is very important even though it isn’t a presidential election – an election that could have significant consequences on our investments. But given the views you’ve already expressed... »

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Saturday, October 30th, 2010

By J.B. Williams October 30, 2010 This morning, Monroe County Sheriff’s burst through the door of Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick’s residence and arrested him for failing to appear in court last Friday, a date the Monroe County court failed to notify Mr. Fitzpatrick of before he learned on Monday via the local press that... »

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Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Deanna Spingola October 30, 2010 By 1953, the CIA had 7,200 people working on covert actions, activities that took 74% of the CIA’s yearly budget. The CIA always recruited their leaders from the elite class – businessmen, credible journalists, Ivy League scholars and Wall Street lawyers and bankers. Irving Kristol, Paul Weyrich, William... »

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