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Big Brother On Your Wrist, In Your Pocket & Inside Your Head

Thursday, September 8, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Lift The Veil SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 Lift The Veil reviews Apple’s presentation of the new iPhone 7, with a focus on the advances in technology which have a potential for abuse in the areas of surveillance and mind control. I also go off about the headphone jack thing. Share on Facebook »

Not so magic: Disney World starts scanning fingers of kids ‘as young as 3’

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
By Paul Martin 7 Sep, 2016 Children in Orlando, Florida as young as three may get a little Disney magic right at the entrance to the park, as they will now be required to have their fingers scanned, local media reports. The anti-fraud measure has been slammed as a violation of privacy on social media. “Walt... »

A cashless society? Some retailers turn noses up at currency…(Boycott Them!)

Monday, September 5, 2016
By Paul Martin

Susan Tompor September 5, 2016 Stroll into the airy Kit and Ace store on Woodward Avenue in Detroit and you’re struck by the minimalist style that highlights the brand’s comfortable, street-smart clothing line. But if you wanted to buy a scarf, maybe one that’s on sale for about $50, don’t bother paying with... »

Europe: The Substitution Of A Population

Saturday, August 27, 2016
By Paul Martin

by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, Aug 27, 2016 In one generation, Europe will be unrecognizable. Eastern Europe now has “the largest population loss in modern history”, while Germany overtook Japan by having the world’s lowest birth rate. Europe, as it is aging, no longer renews its generations, and instead welcomes massive... »

The Future of War Looks Like Hollywood: “Terminator-Like Machines to Fight in Battlefields”

Saturday, August 27, 2016
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo August 26th, 2016 For those who always saw James Cameron’s blockbuster Terminator 2 as somehow eerily inevitable, recent trends in the development of warfare are proving them correct. How will the nature of warfare change with the advent of autonomous robots that can make their own decisions to kill? In short,... »


Friday, August 26, 2016
By Paul Martin

The project will be “fuelled by the massive amount of information about our changing planet that DigitalGlobe collects every day”. However, the news is likely to send a chill down the spine of privacy campaigners and conspiracy theorists alike, because it conjures images of a world where surveillance satellites keep a watchful eye on... »

AI ‘Terminator’ Arms to Be Developed by ‘Someone’ – US General

Thursday, August 25, 2016
By Paul Martin 25.08.2016 An artificially intelligent, autonomous Terminator killing machine that excludes or absolves human decision-makers of responsibility will likely be developed, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chair Gen. Paul Silva said on Thursday. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US military has already developed guidelines for the use of semi- and fully-autonomous weapons systems. “It’s... »

Terminal Economy: “Private Sector Will NEVER Recover…This Time, Replacing Humans Altogether”

Thursday, August 25, 2016
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo August 25th, 2016 People are already taking the expected financial recession pretty badly. There are literally millions of people in the United States who’ve become deeply entrenched in a struggle to find or hold a good job, while keeping expenses covered on the income they do make. But most people assume... »

Orwell Could Never Have Predicted This Level Of Surveillance

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Mark Nestmann, The Nestmann Group AUGUST 24, 2016 I love technology. I can’t imagine life without the modern conveniences of telephones, email, and the Internet. Not to mention running water, air conditioning, and automobiles. But sometimes, technology gets … well, creepy. And the creepier the technology, the more likely Big Brother will... »

UK surveillance powers have gone ‘further than any other Western democracy’ – MP

Friday, August 19, 2016
By Paul Martin 19 Aug, 2016 Britain has gone “further than any other Western democracy” in its expansion of surveillance powers and its ability to collect bulk data without justifiable reason, a British MP has said. Joanna Cherry, a Scottish National Party (SNP) MP, made the comments in reference to the Investigatory Powers (IP) Bill, which... »

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