The Canaries in the Gold Mine are Dying

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
By Paul Martin 3/16/2015 Gold prices have been artificially held down for the past few years by the banking cartel, desperate to keep confidence in the false stock market and the debt-based Ponzi-fiat-money scheme. Yet mining companies are starting to go out of business, as it cost more to mine an ounce of gold, than what... »

Collapse Survivor: “There Was Little Room For Error… Either You Learn Fast Or End Up Dead”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
By Paul Martin

Selco March 17th, 2015 SHTF School Editor’s Note: When the Balkan wars erupted in Europe during the 1990′s people literally went from sipping coffees on their neighborhood streets to a war zone almost overnight. Most did not see it coming. Even in the midst of collapse many believed it was a temporary situation that... »

Irish Finance Minister Dumps Stocks to Buy Gold

Monday, March 16, 2015
By Paul Martin

By: GoldCore Monday, 16 March 2015 - Ireland’s Minister of Finance shifted personal wealth out of stocks and into gold – Minister invested in SPDR Gold Shares ETF, Portuguese government bonds and other ETFs – Maintained holdings in bank and agricultural commodities ETFs – Gold ETF not a safe haven asset – much... »

Venezuela’s food supply collapses, headed toward 1000% inflation as Health Ranger launches non-electric food grow system that produces food for pennies

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams Tuesday, March 10, 2015 The coming global food crisis really hit home for me last year. I saw droughts destroying crops across California and food inflation worsening almost everywhere. Collapsing water supplies and radical weather patterns have only accelerated the crisis, and while food may appear to be abundant on... »

10 Simple, Cheap Home Gardening Innovations to Set You on the Path to Food Independence

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
By Paul Martin

by ALEX PIETROWSKI MARCH 10, 2015 The issue of food quality and food independence is of critical importance these days, and people are recognizing just how easy and fun it is to grow your own food at home. When renegade gardener Ron Finleysaid, “growing your own food is like printing money,” he was... »

Prepare for the coming global depression with these 11 tips

Monday, March 9, 2015
By Paul Martin

by: J. D. Heyes Monday, March 09, 2015 Natural News has committed to keeping readers informed about economic conditions both in the United States and the developed world, because there is so much going on that could affect the financial stability of billions of people. As such, we are continuing as well to... »

Is It Time to Leave America While You Still Can?

Thursday, March 5, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges 05 Mar.,2015 Not a day goes by that I do not receive an email from one of my readers advising me to get out of America while I still can. As the level of tyranny in this country increases, there is a proportionate increase in Americans wondering out loud as... »

Prepare For a Grid Down Event. How Vulnerable is the US Power Grid?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
By Paul Martin MARCH 4, 2015 Being a prepper means trying to become more prepared for every possible situation that we can. While for most of us being completely prepared is physically or financially impossible there are some things we should all be doing. So in this article I ask how vulnerable is the US power... »

Banks, Billionaires Rush to Prepare for “The Financial Death Spiral”

Monday, March 2, 2015
By Paul Martin

by ROBERT DOWD MARCH 2, 2015 Civil unrest and martial law, interment and death in FEMA camps will quickly follow a financial collapse in the US. Naysayers tell us, “No, you’re crazy, the world is not coming to an end!” I agree that barring some crazy pushing the ‘nuclear button,’ the world is... »

Do You Have a Gold and Silver “Seatbelt”?…”You Must Own Gold and Silver When the Currency Is Being Debased”

Friday, February 27, 2015
By Paul Martin

David Smith February 25th, 2015 In just about every state, it’s the law that you must wear a seatbelt when driving down the road. Putting aside the question of whether the government should mandate this, most of us understand that the reasons for individually choosing to do so are valid. It’s been a... »

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