The Coup Against America Is Nearly Complete! ‘Tis Time to Part! Red States Must Separate From Blue State Tyranny!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

In the present moment, the people of the United States, the President, and our form of government have been the victim of a successful coup, through a the implementation of a fraudulent election system and a wholly corrupt judiciary.

The takeover is so complete that the author Common Sense,Thomas Paine, would echo his admonitions from yester-year…”Tis Time to Part”, meaning that it was time to withdraw from being a colony of Great Britain. It is time for lovers of God and freedom also consider breaking the chains that will soon enslave them. The same logic would apply today with regard to separating from the coup masters. Red States from separate from Blue states.

Ray Charles could see that this election was stolen and as I said all along, Trump would win in a massive landslide. One well-placed military source told me the election was tracked, by the military, in real time and that Trump won 49 out of 50 states, with New York as the lone Democratic holdout. Despite the best efforts of the MSM and Big Tech, the word is getting out. However, there is the case of the ever-shifting judges that might hear the appeals by the Trump Campaign. I have confirmed this even as it is related to Georgia and Pennsylvania. This is why Trump’s court cases have been met with summary judgments.

The Kracken has indeed been released. However, Sidney Powell says that she does not know if the good guys (US military), or the bad guys (the CIA) has possession of the election-stealing software from Dominion. We do know that Powell and the Trump campaign have whistle-blower legal declarations, from Dominion officials, who state that they witnessed the fraud happening from design to implementation. However, it is a sticky issue without current resolution because the election fraud is being covered up at every turn.

In the meantime, the Biden administration is leaving clues about what is coming on January 20, 2021, should the election theft be completed and as my father used to say, you can judge a person by the company that they keep.

Independent analysts state that Biden is stacking the potential Defense Department with weapons procurement officials. This speaks to the fact that Biden will be going to war with Russia. And this is why Putin has not endorsed Biden. This reckless action invites the fact that Putin will launch a first-strike on 1-21-21 just as he said he was going to do in 2016, if Hillary had stolen that election. But wait, there’s more:

Under a Biden administration, by next summer, we will be witnessing food being used as a weapon to enslave conservatives, especially conservative Christians. Carbon neutral stances by AOC and her environmental cult will bankrupt the majority that these policies encounter. There will come a time when conservative America will stop being the part of the rule of law and become the newest party to cross the Rubicon and embrace rules for radicals as they attempt to escape the Biden-Harris tyranny. The final tyrannical action that will lead to the conservatives rising up, will be the confiscation of gun, by force, and as will be revealed we already know that the gun collectors will be foreigners. Some of us in the alt media already know that concentration camps will become part of our immediate future. Some of us are in possession of the orders that will be used to implement a state of emergency and the genocide of all

As a rallying cry, Paine once wrote that it made no sense for an island to rule over a continent….Tis time to part”. These were the words that led to a revolution, a successful revolution.

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