How America Became the Land of the Stepford Wives Unable to Resist The Coming Second Lockdown

Tuesday, September 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

A second and more catastrophic lockdown approaches. The first lockdown has not accomplished its goal of complete destruction of the economy and the citizens civil liberties.

I have accurately maintained that New Zealand and Australia has been the source covid policy beta testing designed to be rolled out in the United States. What lies on the horizon is particularly concerning with regard to the level of police brutality in the arena of facemask and public gathering policies.

If the New Zealand/Australia model holds true to recent history, the next wave of enforcement directed at the public will not be met with merely citations. America is becoming SLIGHTLY more resistant, the enforcement will be extremely brutal. The upcoming flu season will provide the moral high ground for such enforcement.

One might ask why the American people would succumb with such docility? The answer is simple, the American people have been brainwashed, in part by the psychological practice known as “confirmation bias.” And all that has to happen is for the population to watch the media and the citizens will adopt the marshmallow style of willpower of the proverbial Stepford Wives. All that had to happen for this induced passivity to occur was for the majority of the citizens to be exposed to the TV programming, radio programming and print material of the MSM!

Confirmation bias has turned America into a nation of Stepford Wives. Remember, 98% of the media is owned by 6 corporations. Who are they? And how do they takeover a nation without firing a shot?

The Fake News” Media

In regard to the aforementioned psychological tool of enslavement, there are some very obvious and apparent culprits when it comes to deceiving the public with “fake news” and promoting dependence on a corrupt political system. Here are some of the purveyors of “fake news”. Stay tuned because this article will describe how these globalist propaganda machines capture your mind using the psychological phenomena known as “confirmation bias.”

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