The Depopulation Agenda Connected to the COVID-19 Lockdowns

Monday, September 21, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Monday, September 21, 2020

Many people has noticed that dating, courtship, marriage and parenting levels have dropped to historic lows.Thanks to Ted Turner who has made it clear what the globalists truly desire, which is extreme negative population growth. In fact, the aware among us know that a 90% depopulation of the population is the ultimate goal .

There are hard kill methods eg war) and there are soft kill methods (eg Chromium 6 in the water) and there is spermageddon and this is where the current lack of dating and mating comes into play. In act, the world has clear data that sperm counts are way down and it has been this way since at least 2010 and was full discovered in the scientific community with overwhelming evidence in 2015.

This is where COVID-19 lockdown restrictions come into play. Beside curtailing Christian religious practices, the apparent number one goal of the lockdown was to prevent close contact, in a potential dating/mating situation in public places where people ordinarily meet and eventually mate. Here is what America typically witnessed in the lockdown:

1. Big box stores remain open while small business competitors fail (the goal was the economic destruction of the economy of the United States, while preparing for a corporate oligarchy takeover when the Democrats (Blosheviks take over).

2. Following the economic and religious discrimination, there are no institutions in the lockdowns that have been discriminated against more than bars and health clubs. Both are hotspots for meeting and dating. And of course forcing people to where a worthless facemask exacerbates the “social distance” which inhibits meeting and developing intimacy. When one considers the published depopuatlion goals of the global elite there is no question that this mass contributor to depopulation in play and it was deliberate.Further, the shutting down of healthclubs also accomplishes another goal related to depopulation as the practice results in less healthy people with weakened immune systems resulting from unnatural isolation. I strongly contend that these were some of the primary goals all along in this plandemic! My belief is bolstered by the fact that the sperm counts of males, as pointed out in an earlier paragraph has been ongoing for sometime. The result of both phenomenon, the lockdown effects and lower sperm counts, is intentional and is designed to significantly reduce the population of the Kissenger-labeled “useless eaters”.

This is a striking finding that has profound implications for humanity. For this reason and many other reasons, some questioning if this is the last generation of humans that will inhabit the planet.

Let’s examine the subject of reduced sperm counts.

What the Data Tells Us

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