The Democratic Party Options Are Narrowing and Every American Should Take Note of What Is Coming

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Democrats only have so many ways to defeat Donald Trump. In my estimation, approximately 70% of Americans are as politically ignorant as a box of rocks. Without boring the readers with the statistical formula I created to assess political awareness and political activism, it is clear that many Americans will say “so what”, who cares if Donald Trump is re-elected, removed from office or even assassinated. Ignorance and inaction are America’s two major enemies. Donald Trump once said, they (ie meaning the Deep State) are really after you and I am just in the way.

When I say that the MSM has been trying to brainwash the public with one-sided coverage, it easy to prove. I conducted my own data analysis. It is simplisitic and not terribly sophisticated, however, there is a clear trend curve that can be observed.

In research methodology utilizing statistical analysis, I have resorted to a data count that is descriptive (ie qualitative, usually described as described as descriptive statistical analysis as opposed to creating and comparing data sets). In other words, I have chosen the New York Time and the Washington Post to create a raw frequency count of anti-Trump articles and themes and some very interesting data emerged. First, I did a lit search of the two publication AND President Trump as the search terms and I did so over a 30 day period. I then categorized the data sets as (1) anti-Trump; (2) pro-Trump; or, (3) neutral. The results were not surprising, but the weight of the results was overwhelming with regard to the weight of evidence. In 165 articles, Trump was never featured in a positive light. There was not one instance in which a Presidential statement or initiated article, was positive in any regard. There were seven articles that I categorized as neutral. The rest of the articles were negative to very negative. Before you are impressed with my work ethic, I must confess that this was an easy task because I have software that does the frequency counts based upon how I operationalized (ie defined) the variables.

The negativity of my findings was not the least bit surprising. In fact, as a quality control check (ie external validity), I analyzed’s news feed for a one week period and 100% of the articles about President Trump were negative. Nobody should be surprised that the MSM is overwhelmingly against the President. However, the areas of negativity were very interesting. The topics related to negativity could be broken down in the following manner:


One Response to “The Democratic Party Options Are Narrowing and Every American Should Take Note of What Is Coming”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    The apes and white apes ( eg., whites that have transformed into negros, ) are the useful idiot foot soldiers of the Satan worshiping deep state.

    They are emboldened by the fact that nothing is happening to them. In a normal sane society the full US military would HAVE ALREADY mowed them down and deported any survivors to Africa. They are coming to YOUR living room.

    At this point … any white Christian NOT for creating an all white Confederacy 2 is not only of course an idiot, but aiding and abetting the Satanists AND the apes and white apes.

    You’ve seen many videos of what’s happening. Below is just one. The time to restructure America and create Confederacy 2 is here. Create it and thrive while surviving. Don’t … and the apes win.

    Newsmen that don’t mention this are complicit in it’s escalation and are total losers.


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