America Is a Hard Country to Kill and That Is Why Various Nation-Destroying Plots are Being Perfected in Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela

Saturday, August 15, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Saturday, August 15, 2020

In the vernacular, this is a set up piece. The purpose of this article is to present a general overview of a theme. The theme is the takedown of the United States by any means necessary.

The United States Is a Hard Country to Kill

The United States is a juggernaut and is very difficult to kill. Part of the reason that the citizens of the United States have not responded to the takedown of our country is because we have been so strong, it is incomprehensible that any force could pose such a threat to the cultural viability, economy and national defense. America is just too strong and even in the face of overwhelming evidence, most Americans cannot see the threats to their way of life and even the continuance of their individual lives. Most do not realize that that if the Deep State successfully continues on the path they are on that millions of people who will read these words will not be discussing how to take back our country, they will be looking for places to hide in order to avoid the medical martial law camps (ie disguised re-education camps), arrest on fake charges, fake diagnosis of an illness that poses no threat to them, and outright assassination.

The job of taking down a country is so difficult that the task require precision and efficiency of effort. For if too many wrong moves are made, the average person may stop listening to mainstream media propaganda and start seeing reality for what it is and the task of controlling the people in order to bring about a paradigm shift away from populism to genocidal dictatorships across this planet may not be possible. Therefore, it is necessary for the globalists to practice the takedown of America in other countries in order to test the effectiveness and efficiency of certain strategies designed to destroy America. I came to the realization that the destruction of America was being first practiced on other countries simply by the quantity of evidence that exists. The rehearsal of future strategies is not a new thing. During the Spanish Civil War, German pilots practiced their aerial bombardment strategies that they would use during the invasion of Europe. We have all heard of predictive programming in the media as a precursor for certain actions to be carried out by the globalists. We are now seeing predictive rehearsals of the strategies in foreign countries which are being employed, with revisions, on America.


5 Responses to “America Is a Hard Country to Kill and That Is Why Various Nation-Destroying Plots are Being Perfected in Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela”

  1. laura ann

    After reading entire article, it absolutly makes no sense to spt or vote in any election local or otherwise. America is down the abyss. Other countries mentioned had no real men who have a hoot about their country.

  2. War Profit


  3. Robert Edward Lee

    1. Start forming small 4 to 10 member militias with people you’ve known for at least 5 years. Get with your local white right wing sheriff and ask about being deputized. BETTER HURRY.

    2. Start forming community groups with fellow white right wingers in your area. Be ready for SHTF scenarios …

    3. Spread the word to any demoncrats you know about how the left is holding up their $$ 🙂

  4. Robert Edward Lee

    HURRY and get your small militia groups going …

  5. David McCarty

    I’m not defeatist, but, the United States is like a beached whale; invalided. Soft, like a overripe banana. Distracted, like boys at the Playboy mansion. Ignorant, insoucient, corrupt, faithless, greed stricken and given to false Idolotry. The masses are completely forlorn and unfulfilled smiling about their ‘glass half full’ (it’s still half empty). I know one thing for certain, we’ve become impotent, irrelevant to the rest of the world; a very unpredictable menace. Akin to a cornered rat. Unbecoming. As a people we have acquiesced – abrogated our God blessed rights, liberties and freedoms away to a insignificant trivial and (small number) of self appointed self aggrandized Lords and Masters, ABJECT FLUNKIES with titles like banker, congressperson, mayor, judge, ceo, leo, general… Rather comical, 100% disgraceful. I suspect when 1500 million Chinese look at 350 million infantile Amuricans incapable of standing up to and confronting the (obvious) fascist war mongering shit show Amurica… Blood’s in the water. All you have to look at to know just how low this nation has sunk (lower than whale shit) is Joe Biden, candidate for President. Just disgraceful. Disgraceful. Every man and woman in this Nation should hang your heads in SHAME.


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