ACTION BULLETIN: Prepare for all-out war against the Luciferians; prepare to remove all governors and mayors who are China puppets engaged in treason, DNC pedophile rings to be exposed

Sunday, August 9, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Sunday, August 09, 2020


Urgent actions items derived from multiple high-level sources, all of whom are sounding the alarm like never before:

– Prepare for all-out war against the Luciferians who are waging a desperate spiritual war against humanity. They are about to be exposed. Vatican takedown. Demons will discard human disguises and stop trying to pretend. Prepare to steel your courage against what you are about to witness.

– Prepare to support the removal of all treasonous governors and mayors who are about to be exposed as colluding with anti-Christian communist China to take down the United States of America. (Most Democrat governors and mayors are also Satan worshipers.) Federal arrests of the traitors are coming. Your public support will be urgently needed.

– Prepare to be psychically shocked by the revelations soon to come about Democrats running child kidnapping, trafficking and pedophile rings as fundraisers for the DNC and Democrat candidates. The DNC will be disbanded in the aftermath of these revelations. Top-level Democrats are all child rapists and predatory pedophiles, including Bill Clinton and nearly all left-wing Hollywood stars. Open borders Democrats protect border child smuggling routes to provide fresh meat for top Democrat donors. It is they who literally “keep children in cages.” (Democrats always accuse Trump of doing the things that they are doing themselves.)

– Prepare for desperate, last-ditch false flag attacks by enemies of America that now realize they have been out-flanked. The lockdowns are working against them, however, because there are very few crowds they can target. This is why the recent GOP convention was cancelled. Now the most likely target is a Democrat-organized event where they allow their own supporters to be attacked in a staged false flag operation. They will mass murder their own supporters if they think they can twist the narrative to blame Trump supporters. CNN cameras will be ready to interview crisis actor “survivors” who cry and bleed on camera in a last-ditch attempt at emotional manipulation of the country.

– Prepare for a ramping up of Big Tech censorship, media lies and controlled disinformation campaigns as the final battle for America is being waged on all fronts. Soon, Big Tech will outright censor President Trump’s channels, and Trump-supporting websites will be intentionally disrupted through DNS takedown attacks. All CEOs of Google, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Pinterest, Facebook and Apple are treasonous criminals and must be arrested and prosecuted for treason / collusion with China.

– Prepare for the mass medical raping of humanity with unsafe, untested coronavirus vaccines which are being fast-tracked into approval, requiring NO evidence that they work, based on pandemic regulations that allow untested vaccines to be approved as long as no other therapeutics exist, which is why the entire Big Pharma establishment has conspired to cover up the truth about hydroxychloroquine. If the drug were widely shown to be an effective treatment, this would disallow “emergency” approval of unsafe vaccines. This explains the insane level of attacks against hydroxy.

– Prepare for China-trained narco-terrorists to be activated and to launch operations across the border, into the United States. UN occupation remains a strong possibility. Ready your high-caliber weapons to aid in America’s defense against invading enemy forces. Understand that the narcos have armored up all their vehicles. Nothing smaller than 338 LM rounds or 50 caliber rounds will penetrate.

Actual Mexican narco “tanks” that are ready to roll into the United States, backed by communist China and UN troops:


7 Responses to “ACTION BULLETIN: Prepare for all-out war against the Luciferians; prepare to remove all governors and mayors who are China puppets engaged in treason, DNC pedophile rings to be exposed”

  1. David McCarty

    That’s what polite society does with its most abhorrent vile treacherous lecherous traitorous SUBHUMAN SOS!

  2. David McCarty

    One thing for EVERYONE to understand and come to grips with – the fact that our utterly corrupted abhorrent conniving self-serving political whores at all levels need a righteous comeuppance (many at the end of a rope); I proffer a large number of the citizenry of all stripes and colors could support “cleaning house”, so to speak. The citizens need Revolution Radio, Zerohedge, CSS, ATS, Beforeitsnews, SHTFPlan, etc., etc., to communicate with one another to organize a grassroots petition, ordering the Criminal Mafia known as the us congress, the Citizenry’s SUBORDINATES, to immediately vote yay on the TERM LIMITS that the Citizenry will describe (to you cONGRESS).

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Very good post Mike … but AGAIN, why do you never mention so much as a peep about the real obvious long term solution : A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

    Stop taking a knee to the shower shoe pants down butt hand on wee wee ( in case it flies away ?, ) IQ of 50 or less apes and wiggers.

    Start the Confederate conversation NOW NOW NOW !!!!

    To save America “as a whole,” would take about 20 things. The 1st 2 would be deport about 40 million 3rd world darkies starting with muslims, then importing ( based on need, ) about 20 million white Christians from Europe and South Africa. Those 1st 2 necessary things would never fly. So … we’re left with restructuring. If we don’t restructure we don’t survive the long term … even if we win “this” battle / war.

  4. David McCarty

    Can you say TONIC WATER?

  5. David McCarty

    Where’s Sheriff Buford T. Justice when you need him? Jackie Gleason supported President Nixon. Nixon was another victim of the military/security apparatus run fully amok. Nixon was by all accounts the most knowledgeable/capable of any of our Presidents in terms of world view and geopolitics. He was a Statesman. He had to go because he stood in the way of the war/narcotics profiteers. Our first order of business in this Nation should be recognizing the fact that we have been seriously wounded from a cancer from within; THE ENEMY IS IN THE HOUSE. THE ENEMY IS IN THE HOUSE. PREPARE TO DEFEND YOURSELVES. FIX BAYONETS. WHAT MAKES THE GRASS GROW GREEN? BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. What happens to “one Nation, under God, indivisible” when the God is forsaken, when good sense goes the way of the dodo bird, and you try to melt sodium, and ammonium nitrate, and H2O together? You succeed in blowing your own ass AWAY. Some things JUST DONT FUCKING MIX. Don’t clean your toilet with ammonia and Clorox, retards. Don’t keep your pet mink in your chicken coop. Don’t leave your linseed oil/turpentine soaked finishing rag wadded up in your cabinet. Don’t try running .357 magnum through your .38 special. Don’t jam 3″ 000 magnum buckshot loads into your Stevens 311. Don’t try to put out the turkey fryer, that you have turned into a peanut oil volcano, with your fucking garden hose retards… No nation has ever persisted, and thrived long term, and grown through the centuries into a mature, wise society, while trying to ‘melt’ (melting pot horse shit) together all type of dissimilar material, so to speak. It was a nice experiment. Move on. Hey ladies, a little heads up; women’s liberation, strong independent women, I am woman – hear me roar? Nice experiment, prepare to move on. Not a sexist statement, just a reversion to reality ladies, for when the current paradigm comes to a crashing halt in the next few months/years, and it becomes dog eat dog, your reality will change, as your rouge and mascara and lipstick and maxi-pads disappear permanently from your lives. For all of you sensitive, limp wristed, hip hugger jeans wearing pseudo men out there, get the fuck outta my sight bitches. This populace is so far disjointed, adulterated, bastardized and subjugated by the demented unholy faithless, there will be no reversion for most back to simpler, happier living. DEAGEL doesn’t make predictions – guesses – me thinks… They do make informed projections, and tell us exactly what is coming. You’ve been warned numbnuts.

  6. David McCarty

    Some of us men, as we age, discover we have to be careful not to step on our own balls while walking. It would be wholly refreshing for let’s say, 3,000,000 honest, faithful, thoughtful MEN in this country to make an effort to reach between their legs and feel around, and make the discovery “well by God, I do have a great big set of man balls swinging around down there, and I’m going to put them on display” (euphemistically speaking) of course. We can’t get even 3,000,000 men in this country together to take care of our business? Disgraceful.

  7. Robert Edward Lee

    A HUGE part of fixing the problems is the need to separate from darkies. Savages and white Christians don’t mix. THEY will never step up to our level. When whites step down to THEIR level … well, look at most rioters in BLM and Antifa. They’ve “become niggerized.” It’s very sad.

    So … here we are. An elarged all white Confederacy 2 is the only logical answer. We must have our own country. We HAD our own country, but too many of our “recent” forefathers sat on their uniformed asses and watched monkeys toss balls around.

    Yes fight. But don’t fight to just kick the can down the road. Fight for A NEW COUNTRY. FOUND A NEW COUNTRY.


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