The Next Phase of the Coup Includes the Assassination of Alt Media Figures Along with the Lockdown of the Cities

Thursday, August 6, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Thursday, August 6, 2020

I have been speaking, for a considerable length of time about what is coming to America. I am shocked at the rapidity of the dictatorial takeover of the United States, however, I am not shocked as to the level of disregard for American civil liberties and the potential lethality that is accompanying this tyrannical takeover of our government and the subsequent destruction of our culture. Now, the current events are matching what I have been told. The moment of truth is here for America. What is going on is an extinction level national event!

This is the first part of a series that is constructed solely from my personal notes arising from conversations with American intelligence agents, high-ranking military and law enforcement officials at the state, local and federal level. As a result of these conversations, I am able to arrive at some very frightening conclusions.

Make no mistake about it, the trend curve spells the end of America and a “purge” that rivals any level of brutality that we witnessed in the triology by the same name.

A complete police state is being constructed right in front of our eyes and our brain-dead, dumbed-down citizenry sees nothing except for the fact that they neighborhood bar is closed. What I find most amazing is that the Left is not even waiting for the election to impose their deadly will upon the country in so many areas at the same time.

This article will take the obvious and provide a road map to absolute tyranny that even Ray Charles could see it unfolding. If it is like this in the pre-election period, how severe and deadly will events become following the election?

Assassination of Alternative Media Personalities


2 Responses to “The Next Phase of the Coup Includes the Assassination of Alt Media Figures Along with the Lockdown of the Cities”

  1. War Profit

    We the people of the once great USA, have been played like a fiddle for so long now,the majority of we the people, have no clue what is truth, or a lie.
    From the plandemic, to ‘Q’ following conservatives, who believe that mass arrest of traitors is just around the corner.
    The only thing that will continue, is the extortion of Liberty, and our extermination, unless we wake up.
    The globalist who plan on killing 90% of the worlds population, no longer need us. They have the robots and AI to replace us.
    Dave is right, Paul is right, John Moore is right.
    We are in deep shit quicksand, with the masses sleep walking to our own demise.
    Victory at all costs, no survival for liberty without defeating those dead set on destroying Liberty and all of US with it !

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    1. Certain independent media milk toasts have no worry of the bad guys coming for them because they’re always suggesting we “give up, run, hide, bug out and my favorite, adapt.” No … the bad guys will probably even send some of these wet noodles a gift basket with a thank you note !!!

    2. Did it ever occur to ANY of you to start a business card campaign ? Of course not … that would be a “solution,” and we can’t have that 🙂

    get EVERYONE to get EVERYONE they know to get EVERYONE “they” know, to order 500 business cards with print on both sides. One side it’s : NEWS FOR SHEEPLE – CNN MSNBC ABC CBS FOX PPS NPR BBC. On the other side of card it’s : NEWS FOR PEOPLE – CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT INFOWARS HAGMANN REPORT REVOLUTION RADIO.ORG STEVEQUAYLE NATURALNEWS

    Give EVERYONE instructions to place a small stack of maybe 7 of these cards EVERYWHERE they go AND physically hand them to EVERYONE they see in public. Hand everyone 3 each so they can give a couple away.


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