Trump: ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi “Slow-Rolling” Coronavirus Aid; Only Interested In Bailing Out Radical Leftists

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

“They’re not interested in the people.”

4 August, 2020

President Trump blasted ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi Monday, saying that she and the Democrats have zero interest in the well-being of Americans, and are blocking coronavirus aid in favour of bailing out radical left governors and mayors.

“What the Democrats want, they’re slow-rolling it and all they’re really interested in is bailout money to bail out radical left governors and radical left mayors,” Trump urged during a press conference.

The President pointed to Chicago, Portland, and New York City as cities that the Democrats are intent on bailing out as unrest and violence surge under Democratic leadership there.

“You see what’s going on over there, bail out cities and states who have been poorly run and spent a fortune doing it. They want a trillion dollars.” Trump stated, adding “We’re really not interested in that.”


One Response to “Trump: ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi “Slow-Rolling” Coronavirus Aid; Only Interested In Bailing Out Radical Leftists”

  1. Dave

    The United States Of Corruption can just print print print wealth to no end, we are magic! Special! I think the Fed should deposit $50 trillion in every man, woman and child’s bank account here in the land of plenty. Problem solved. Right? You know, let’s take a look at Nutsy Pelosi. She’s a major thief. Consummate liar. She and her family have become fabulously wealthy through her abuse of the office she holds. She came right out of a criminal mob family. She is a vile, wretched subhuman sack of shit, and somehow people put her in office over and over and over again. The FUCKTARDS that go out and vote these shitbags into office over and over deserve the ‘ass pounding by red hot poker’ that shitbags like Nutsy Pudosi dishes out to them. Keep up the good work Nutsy, it tickles me to watch a insignificant subhuman SOS like yourself con even less significant subhuman SOS into repeatedly voting for you and the good old fashioned ‘ass reaming by red hot poker’ you dish out year after year. Clever. NOT!


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