OUTRAGE: Michigan journalist and anti-lockdown activists hit with felony charges for daring to report on governor’s lockdown order

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Tuesday, August 04, 2020

If you want to see what Democratic political retribution looks like and the deep state’s operation to derail President Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy and subsequent presidency didn’t do it for you, this story should fit the bill.

In late April, anti-coronavirus quarantine demonstrators were essentially beat up by Capitol Police in Lansing, Mich., while protesting against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s excessive coronavirus shutdown policy that was crippling the state’s economy and costing residents their jobs.
Big League Politics reported at the time:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been the target of high-profile protests in recent weeks due to her restrictions on Michigan citizens. Her goons have hassled Michigan residents for boating, cited people for gathering outdoors in private backyards, and put thousands of small businesses out of commission. This caused protesters to gather outside of her taxpayer-funded mansion last week, and commence the historic “Operation Gridlock” display that has since gone viral and spread throughout the country.

One protester, Michigan United for Liberty organizer Wendy Darling, was particularly roughed up.

“I went above and beyond to get extra press credentials today and then they wouldn’t let us in and wouldn’t let the Capitol Police come in and took upon theirself to assault and battery me,” she told supporters in a Facebook video that has since been taken down.

The treatment of Darling, along with pro-Trump activist Audra Johnson and state house candidate Michelle Gregoire, led to a response from armed patriots the following day, who descended on the capitol building to voice their angst.

Now, it looks like Whitmer’s administration is engaging in some ‘reprisal politics.’

In a separate report, Big League Politics noted, “Darling has been hit with felony resisting arrest and felony trespassing charges. Gregoire has been charged with felony resisting arrest as well as misdemeanor trespassing. Johnson has also been slapped with the misdemeanor trespassing charge.”

“I’m still running for state house to fight against corruption but now the establishment sees me as a threat,” said Gregoire, who believes that her bid for the the Michigan House’s 62nd district is beginning to worry Democrats.

“I’m still going to stand, and I’m still going to fight for our rights, but now, they’re now coming after me and my family,” she added. “We cannot allow tyranny to take root in Michigan, and I will not be silenced by fake charges and slander.”

Johnson told the news outlet that GOP leaders in the state legislature have essentially caved to Whitmer’s shutdown policies.

“Every time our Republican leaders have been called on to uphold our Constitution and conservative values, they have cowered away from the responsibility that their constituents have trusted them with,” Johnson said.

“Unless we start demanding them to do what they were elected to do, many more will experience what we are today. They will eventually come for EVERY freedom loving patriot in this country,” she added.

All three have turned themselves in to police and have been formally booked and released on bond.

“I was mistaken to be a protestor, and was recently charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. I am left with no choice but to defend myself to get these charges dropped, and We The People must also take a stand for fair and equal reporting,” Darling wrote on a crowdfunding portal set up to raise money for her defense.

“I was rightfully there, but was told to leave by Sergeant of Arms because only press was allowed. I stated that I had the right to be there and was not going to leave because I had press credentials. They did not care, and didn’t bother to look at my press credentials until after The Michigan State Police were allowed in the room and got them off of me,” she added.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter demonstrators and rioters can march in the streets and tear down monuments and statues in the state, without fear of retribution.

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  1. Dave

    Calm down everyone, no need to be concerned with Grintchen Whitlessmer and her own felonious treachery. The fact is, our nation has been brought down to the level of WHALESHIT; most of the population are so incredibly lost, insoucient, and enamoured by shiny plastic Chinese made shit that beeps and chimes ceaselessly, and Unholywood and it’s gods and godesses, and our fav sports heroes, that most people fail to understand they, their children and grandchildren, are about to PERISH wholesale. As the mass starvation (to death) gets underway, the peasants will reach a point of unconsolability, RAGE, and people like Grintchen will be ripped apart limb from limb. They and theirs will suffer unspeakable horrors for the crimes they’ve committed. Sweet dreams Grintchen!


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