If you’re white, female, and conservative, then you are a “white nationalist racist gender traitor,” according to fully woketarded Vanity Fair

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Monday, August 03, 2020

According to Sonia Saraiya, a writer for Vanity Fair, conservative women are not being punished enough by Hollywood for their political viewpoints. If it were up to her, conservative women would always be portrayed in the media as “white nationalist racist gender traitor[s].”

In Saraiya’s view, Hollywood is somehow too nice to conservative women, even though it never, ever portrays them in a positive light. Pretty much every chance it gets, Hollywood caricatures conservative women as ignorant fools, ironically doing so using misogynistic stereotypes. Hollywood also routinely takes pot shots at Jesus himself – but this is still not enough for Saraiya.

“For all that Hollywood and the mainstream media are supposed to be a hotbed of liberal propaganda, we pull our punches when it comes to the tales of handmaidens in conservative politics,” Saraiya contends, adding that “[c]haracterization is an attempt to evoke empathy.”

“When Hollywood takes on conservative women, the empathy often feels grafted on, sometimes shamelessly,” she further claims.

In the fantasy world of her own demented brain, Saraiya has convinced herself that conservative women are routinely mischaracterized by the mainstream media as being decent, honorable human beings, to which we can only respond: On what planet does Saraiya live where this is the case?

Last we checked, Hollywood and the media systematically go out of their way to mischaracterize any woman who is not a raging, baby-aborting leftist as being dumber than a box of rocks – or worse, as evil, hate-filled fascists and Ku Klux Klan members.

Saraiya: Conservative women think they’re better than everyone else – can you say projection?

Perhaps the most insane claim by Saraiya is her contention that conservative women, and those with white skin in particular, believe that “they’re superior to the rest of their gender.” This alleged superiority complex actually typifies white liberal women like Saraiya, of course, but the irony of this apparently went right over her head.

To Saraiya, the word “conservative” is interchangeable with “KKK,” and only liberal women who are “woke” recognize this – there is that superiority complex again. Saraiya also claims that white women who identify as conservatives “have long been essential helpmeets [sic] to white nationalism, which the alt-right has adopted nearly wholesale.”

The reason why Saraiya went on this tirade in her article, which appeared in the July/August issue of Vanity Fair, of course has to do with the upcoming presidential election. Saraiya is concerned about all the white women out there who will pull the lever for President Donald Trump, which underpins her angst and hatred for them.

“As we hurtle toward the 2020 election, our blindness to what creates and motivates these women feels like a ticking bomb,” she writes. “The less we understand their motivations, the better it is for them: They remain shielded by our tied tongues and politesse.”

That Saraiya thinks leftists like herself have “tied tongues and politesse” when it comes to how they engage with conservatives, and specifically conservative women, demonstrates the utter lack of self-awareness that typifies liberals, and especially liberal women.

Everything that Saraiya says is true about conservative women is actually true about herself, projection apparently being one of her fortes in life – and a miserable life, at that.

If you are a conservative woman reading this, do not let Saraiya’s projectile word-weapons phase you. Stay the course and know that you are infinitely more awake, aware, and awe-inspiring than miserable leftist women like Saraiya who are apparently so unhappy with their lives that they have to vilify other women who think differently than they do.

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