Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Just Warned A Nightmare Scenario Is Unfolding

Sunday, August 2, 2020
By Paul Martin
August 02, 2020

Today the man who predicted the global collapse just warned a nightmare scenario is unfolding.

The Big Lie
August 2 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz: “Gold has no role in portfolio of wealthy clients” said the chief investment officer of Goldman Sachs’ private wealth management in the week that gold in US dollars went up by over $100 and made a new high of $1,984. Many found this statement puzzling as another Goldman department previously has told clients not to sell anything gold.

The CIO went on to say: “Our view is that gold is only appropriate if you have a very strong view that the US dollar is going to be rebased. We don’t have that view.”


So here we have a dollar that has lost 85% against gold in this century and 40% since 2018. How can the CIO of the mighty Goldman Sachs say that the dollar is not being rebased? History certainly tells us that she is not telling the truth. Or does she believe that the dollar won’t go down in coming years? As CIO she can clearly see what everyone is seeing — namely that the prospects for the dollar are doomed with what is happening in the US economy which is causing surging deficits and unlimited money printing.

The truth clearly lies elsewhere. No asset manager is interested in protecting their clients’ assets by investing in the ultimate form of wealth preservation, which of course is physical gold. The reason is very simple. Goldman’s private wealth management, like all other asset managers, are not interested in holding physical gold for their clients for the simple reason that the bank can’t earn sufficient revenue on just holding client gold. Instead, they want to put expensive proprietary products and their own managed funds into client portfolios and also buy and sell shares regularly to churn commissions.


2 Responses to “Man Who Predicted The Global Collapse Just Warned A Nightmare Scenario Is Unfolding”

  1. War Profit

    She is a liar. The stock market is rigged and controlled by algorithms.
    It’s her job to sell and perpetuate the lie.
    The end of the age is near. Just as Jesus spoke of in Mark 13.
    Pray for the safety of your family, your friends, your nation, and for all God’s creation.
    Lucifer is their General, he is their King, he knows and they know, their time is getting shorter with each passing day.
    Be ready spiritually. The fight is moving fast from the spirit world, into the physical.
    God Bless !

  2. Dave

    The United States of America (sadly) is a vile, wretched cesspool – a den of vipers, and the viper has its own tail in its mouth and is consuming itself. I believe in a Higher Power, it’s all around and in us. I believe in prayer and exultation of a good and just God. However, we as a people have lost faith in God (paying lip service only) to our creator. I do believe the Lord demands of us responsibility to remain dilligent and steadfast in the face of the EVIL that now pervades our every pore, the EVIL is dripping and coating everything and every one… Yes, prayer is in order, goes without saying. A whole lot more than prayer is in order however. The time has come and gone for strong, faithful, righteous men and women to rise out of the stupor and apathy most seem to embrace today, identify the unholy EVIL in our midst, and attack, ATTack, ATTACK. Slaying with extreme prejudice the evil among us is not MURDER. It’s a holy and just provision to identify (by their words and deeds) the EVIL doers, and swiftly STOMP THEIR FUCKING GUTS OUT OF THEIR ASSHOLES. Let’s start with that vile disgusting degenerate evil institution known as the US Congress, a veritable den of subhuman degenerate filth, and treat the scumbags to a reckoning party. It’s high time.


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