American Cities Are Being Occupied & Foreign UN-Backed Troops Are In America! Civil War II Has Begun!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

In what has been well-published in the Independent Media, doctors have called into question the CDC and lies we are being told. Many doctors, making their proclamations from Washington DC. And what did they get for their trouble? Their website sponsors were coerced into taking away their websites. All of their social media sites were cancelled and any post discussing the group of doctors claims were deleted. Social media is breaking the law though their illegal, open forum law-violating censorship, but who’s following the law. The censorship of these doctors go beyond the claims they are making about vaccines. This censorship, which is illegal, is designed from letting America wake up to the fact that not only do we have extreme medical fraud, we are in the process of being occupied by foreign entities. What will follow the occupation of cities by UN guerilla forces, the Muslim Brotherhood and domestic-based revolutionary groups such as Antifa? The Red Dawn invasion will commence and I am becoming convinced by China’s actions in the South China Sea, in and around Taiwan, that World War III will happen simultaneously to a Red Dawn invasion through the Mexico border with the US.

Is America Waking Up?

Maybe 20% of America is awake to various degrees. That number cannot be allowed to grow because the United Nations and the George Soros mercenaries could not handle a well-armed public in full rebellion.

Less that 1% is subjugating the country through riots which are sponsored by George Soros and yes, UN interests. The UN is clearly invoking the Kigali Principles, guerilla style, for now. The United States was signed into the Kigali Principles during the lame-duck period and final days of the Obama administration. The US also signed the UN Small Arms Treaty at the same time with Obama and Burisma’s own favorite ally, John Kerry, were the US signatories. Gun confiscation is in out future. The mayor of Austin, Texas called for gun confiscation, yesterday!

The Kigali Principles provide for the UN to enter a country of their choice and make humanitarian changes (ie invade and kill locals until they acquiesce to UN authority). The UN involvement in American riots in conjunction with Antifa is what I believe is the first phase of the implementation of the Kigali Principles. Also, what is not being reported through the mainstream media is that the CHICOMS have an on-the-ground presence at these riots as well as do the Muslim Brotherhood. Why are these “foreign groups” involved in the rioting? Because the Soros backed forces cannot generate enough manpower on their own to do the job which is to neutralize and control every Democratic Party run city. This is the UN foothold into our country. Further, this is a great way to embed UN Kigali-friendly troops among the rioters until it is time to make a massive foreign military presence and attempt to implement a coup against Trump and the American people. We are on the verge of this happening. This is why we are seeing Attorney General Barr change his tune and actually take on the Democrats in Congress. He does want to be purged.

From 3 discussions I have had with various federal officials and one former, well-connected ARSOF source, they are all confirming that America is witnessing a revolutionary army that is in the early stages of taking down and controlling Democratic Party controlled cities with top level Democrats involved. Big tech is also doing their bidding. It is 1861 and the Civil War has begun as the metaphoric shots on Ft. Sumter have already taken place. Welcome to Civil War II.


4 Responses to “American Cities Are Being Occupied & Foreign UN-Backed Troops Are In America! Civil War II Has Begun!!!”

  1. SF Mo

    I am pretty sure that if you had UN troops operating in the United States, you would hear about UN troops being shot.

  2. laura ann

    I don’t think more than 2% of adults even have a clue what is going on. Most ppl too self absorbed in their own little world.

  3. Robert Edward Lee

    Can’t believe no independent media coverage of incoming asteroid / meteor debris shower – September thru December. Where’s Quayle now ? Where’s Horn ?


  4. Robert Edward Lee

    Listen to this KISS ASS tell the sheeple they should wet on themselves. he is either the biggest pussy that side of the Mississippi or he’s been MKUltra’d to do psyops for deep state … convincing sheeple to GIVE UP.

    Listen bitch … picture our grandfathers on D – Day. This is America. We don’t lay face down to shower shoe wearing pants down butt hand on wee wee apes and wiggers and their funders and organizers. We die if necessary to defeat them.

    Now take your punk homo ass off the air and get another hobby.


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