Head of CDC Admits Lockdown Killing Way More Americans Than COVID

Tuesday, July 28, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Michael Thau
July 27, 2020

So much about the response to COVID-19 betrays, at best, unspeakable incompetence and, at worst, a willful effort to inflict mass casualties on the American people — without the expense or spectacle of dropping bombs.

CDC director Robert Redfield dropped some bombshell news during a talk he gave two weeks ago. But despite its significance, hardly anyone knows about the sickening bit of data he let slip:

“We’re seeing, sadly, far greater suicides now than we are deaths from Covid. We’re seeing far greater deaths from drug overdose, that are above excess, than we had as background, than we are seeing deaths from Covid.”

Let that sink in. Even Redfield admits lockdowns are now killing at least two times the number of Americans as COVID-19.

Dozens of media outlets ran stories on his talk the very same day. But some, like the Washington Post, neglected to even mention this appalling disclosure. Among those that did report that Redfield and Fauci’s cure is now killing at least twice as many Americans as the disease, none made it the focus of their story. Instead, every single headline mentioned something else Redfield had said:

CDC Director Says Masks Are Key for Reopening of Schools

The press, however, was just following Redfield’s lead. Though it’s hard to believe – the CDC director wasn’t finally acknowledging any of the glaringly obvious horrific side effects of imposing mass isolation that he and Fauci have spent the past five months pretending don’t exist.

Redfield wasn’t belatedly confessing that maybe it was time to rethink the wisdom of a public health strategy that’s killing more than twice the number of Americans than the virus it was meant to combat.

His remark wasn’t a confession at all. It was closer to a threat
Redfield’s talk was an early salvo in the propaganda war for mandatory masks you may have noticed the medical bureaucrats and media who previously pushed lockdowns on us started waging a couple of weeks back. And he only mentioned all the carnage caused by their prior propaganda campaign as a warning that they might have to start inflicting more by locking us all down again if we don’t blindly acquiesce to their new demands to keep our faces covered in public.

You see, that same day the CDC had started their push for mandatory masks off with a press release”call[ing] on all Americans to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread.” It mentioned two studies allegedly showing the effectiveness of masks but entirely ignored the volume of scientific evidence that they don’t do a damn thing.

The CDC’s own prior conclusion that masks are ineffective against the flu was also swept under the rug.

Of course, the CDC’s press release also skipped over the inconvenient fact that, just like the deadly state-enforced social isolation they pushed, even if masks do slow down the spread of COVID-19, they still won’t do a thing to decrease the number of people ultimately infected.
As the Senior Director of Infection Prevention at Johns Hopkins Medical School and a host of other experts have explained, the point of “flattening the curve” is to get “the same large number of patients arrived at the hospital at a slower rate.”

Let that sink in.

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