Fauci’s Lies and the Political Cowardice of Mask Mandates

Monday, July 27, 2020
By Paul Martin

By William Sullivan
July 27, 2020

Like anyone who’s paid the slightest bit of attention during this pandemic, you’ve probably noticed how the narrative regarding cloth face masks has evolved. Back in March and April, the surgeon general assured Americans that masks are “NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching #Coronavirus,” so people should “STOP BUYING MASKS!” The pre-eminent Dr. Fauci similarly assured us that there’s no reason for Americans to be wearing masks, because they offer a false sense of security, they cause people to incessantly touch their faces to adjust them, and most people don’t wear them correctly, anyway. The World Health Organization concurred, saying the general public should not be wearing masks.

An interesting theory has emerged to explain how this once-government-sanctioned, sage advice evolved to become “everyone must wear cloth masks in all public settings or others will die,” followed by statewide mandates to have everyone wear masks in public places. It has been openly asserted by Dr. Fauci, and genuinely believed by many, that all of these public health officials and organizations actually knew that wearing masks is an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19 back in March and April, but they engaged in a coordinated conspiracy to deliver the opposite advice, in unison, because they wanted to avoid a public frenzy that would disrupt supply chains for medical masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) for health care workers.

You’d have to climb out onto a pretty weak, thin limb to believe that’s true. I’ve seen an awful lot of people wearing masks around since the beginning of the pandemic, and few of them are wearing anything resembling medical equipment. Many of them are wearing nothing more than ordinary pieces of cloth. If Dr. Fauci had actually believed, as he seems to believe now, that loosely wearing any common rag over your face might be effective in preventing COVID-19 spread, there would have been nothing to prevent him from saying so.

If masks truly work, how many millions were infected before he advised Americans to wear them? How many died as a result of his lie?
Inescapably, we must conclude that either Dr. Fauci was lying to the American people back in then, as he now says he was, or, much more likely, he’s lying to us now by telling us he was lying to us back then. I’m not sure which is worse, but it really doesn’t matter — the chief public health official in the United States government lying to the American people is a breach of public trust that should be unforgivable, and there is absolutely no reason to believe anything else he says with regard to public health.

The truth is likely simpler than the fiction Fauci would have you believe. Fauci, like most scientists for the last century, probably just generally agreed with the consensus that masks do little to stop the spread of a virus that is transmitted in the manner of influenza or COVID-19.
As John M. Barry writes in his book on the Spanish flu pandemic, The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, there was also massive political and social pressure to promote masking back in 1918. “Through the attempts to make masks seem normal, positioned at stores alongside everyday things such as tobacco, mustache grooming and dancing, the grim truth persisted,” he writes, unequivocally concluding that “the masks worn by millions were useless as designed and could not prevent influenza,” because “only preventing exposure to the virus could.”

“Preventing exposure,” not useless masking, was understandably the strategy Fauci adopted when we decided to discontinue our social and economic lives for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” if you remember. Masks likely weren’t part of that discussion because it was generally assumed that after Americans spent two weeks “preventing exposure to the virus” and ensured that hospitals wouldn’t be overrun with a massive initial surge of patients, the virus would then spread to others.

In other words, the virus was always expected to be spreading in these summer months. Every day that we see a rise in cases while hospitalizations are manageable and deaths are trending downward, you could argue that this is actually good news, because the COVID hospitalization and fatality rate is plunging to new lows every day that happens, and we are nearer to the end of the pandemic.
But that’s not what you’re hearing in the news, because this stopped being about science long ago.


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