When the Present Bolshevik Revolution Is Complete, Millions Will Be Sent to Re-Education Camps! What Are Your Odds for Survival?

Sunday, July 26, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Sunday, July 26, 2020

The parallels between the Bolsheviks and the modern day extreme leftist groups of George Soros (America) completely align with the Lenin revolutionaries. The Bolsheviks had a popular phrase that we will soon incessantly hear if and when the Democrats (ie modern day version of the Bolsheviks) seize power over the American people. The downtrodden of the American society will form the backbone of the modern day version of the Bolshevik terrorists. During the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was broke and the effects of World War I were devastating. Today, Covid-19 replaces the impact of World War I on the American people. Covid-19 may constitute a real threat against the elderly with underlying health conditions, however, for the vast majority of Americans the threat is little more than any other virus. Yet, the American people have let themselves become destitute with the widespread and general lockdowns imposed by mostly Democratic Party mayors and governors. This is all part of the plan to collapse the economy, piss off the working class and incite a civil war.

This week America will begin to see record evictions and foreclosures. Nearly one-third of the country is impacted. Most of the affected will be young adults. Over half of the country that is eligible to work, is unemployed. Eighty five percent of private restaurants will be out of business this fall. Student loans will be due in September. Because most of the impacted are young adults, they will be disillusioned at their first entry into the American economy. Who can blame them for embracing socialism, because their first experience with capitalism has been a disaster! They will increasingly seek to align with other disenfranchised young people and there are ready-made groups ready to embrace, support and redirect their anger toward American society. America, like 1917 Russia, is facing a revolution from the grass roots, at least on the surface. We know that Wall Street financed much of the Russian Revolution as did the Rothschilds. We know, today, that the globalists are financing leftist radical groups such as Antifa (eg George Soros and the Rothschilds).

The ensuing poverty of the Russian people led the Bolsheviks to come up with a unifying theme of “Peace, Bread and Land”. The use of Covid-19 to bring about extreme poverty and eventual economic collapse through the use of “shelter in place and lockdown strategies” have been devised to place America in the economic and emotional state of 1917 Russia.

American stupidity and abject ignorance have become its biggest enemy. As Federal District Court Judge Dever said on Saturday, there is no pandemic exception to the Constitution, but we, the American people have allowed it to happen. We have permitted Governors, like Gavin Newsom, to keep his winery open while shutting all the others down. We have allowed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to keep Casinos open while shutting down tubing on the river and closing the gyms, while Ducey sits on the Board of T-Gen (Covid-19 testing magnate vaccine participant). Talk about conflicts of interest to go with the unconstitutionality of the pandemic exceptions. In short, America has accepted the unconstitutional state of allowing a pandemic exception to the Constitution. It will prove to be the undoing of the Republic.

When the Planned Demise of America Is Complete


3 Responses to “When the Present Bolshevik Revolution Is Complete, Millions Will Be Sent to Re-Education Camps! What Are Your Odds for Survival?”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Always telling us where we’ll be sent … what they’ll do to us … how to run … how to hide our stuff … but NEVER how to group together and FIGHT. NEVER how to come together and found a new nation … even if it starts as a nation within a nation.

    WHY ? Toss the milk. Toss the toast. Grow a pair and come back as a founder minded investigative journalist.

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    If the 3 suspects were white it would be the first thing said. We KNOW they were black because the words “teens” or now, “young men,” were used.

    3 porch monkeys beat driver with bat.

    What real MAN will step up and get the Confederacy 2.0 conversation going ?


  3. laura ann

    R. Lee: I get sick too of hearing “how to bug out, what they plan for us.what to buy and stash, but never a viable solution, however the time for solution (org and fight, revolt) has come and gone. It will be women, moms and old men that will defend their family when they are faced with danger. No patriot group I know of encourages communities to fight back, now that many cities have disbanded their sissy police force and law and order is out the window. We are on our own.


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