When It’s Your Time, Will You Go Quietly Into the Night?

Friday, July 24, 2020
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
Friday, July 24, 2020

When It’s Your time, Will You Go Quietly Into the Night?

Reportedly, most of the victims of the Holocaust did not put up a fight even when they knew they were being transported to their deaths. What are the psychological reasons on why people will quietly march to their deaths?

Less than a year from now, some of us could very well be faced with the same dilimma!

Both Hillary Clinton and Obama’s political benefactor, Bill Ayers, talked about the need to put tens of millions of Americans in death camps when the moment came. The moment is almost here. When the time is right, will you resist?

This is part one on a series of surviving the coming purge should Donald Trump be taken from office.

2 Responses to “When It’s Your Time, Will You Go Quietly Into the Night?”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Always talking about kissing ass … letting them take you or vaccinate you … bugging out … wetting on self. STOP BEING A PUSSY.


    And as I said John Mark and his goofball buddy Dolittle, were wrong but at least got a conversation going. Of course their ‘wrong’ movement fell apart. We all need our own COUNTRY.

    I called it right of course …


  2. Dave

    One of the reasons why the ‘victims’ went peacefully is, after months of starving, they had very little energy. Pretty fucking simple concept; no food no energy. Another reason how so many internees were peacefully managed by small contingencies of guards and handlers is that they were systematically poisoned with a minute fraction of a deadly neurotoxin administered to the victims in their drinking water, rendering them docile and zombie-like. WHAT NEUROTOXIN WAS THAT??? FLUORIDE. SOUND FAMILIAR RETARDS? FLUORIDE. Would you want the municipal water systems in Amurica putting arsenic in your water supply? Why not? They put Fluoride in your water retards, and I can assure you retards, fluoride is WAY MORE DEADLY than arsenic ounce for ounce. RETARDS. I grew up drinking clean well water, very fortunate.


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