FLORIDA: Death Related to a Gun Shot Wound and Deaths from Weeks Ago Are Suddenly Counted as COVID Deaths in Official Mortality Reporting

Friday, July 24, 2020
By Paul Martin

By Joe Hoft
July 24, 2020

The miscounting and fraudulent numbers related to the China coronavirus just keep coming. Unrelated deaths are being counted as COVID-19 related and deaths from days and weeks ago are suddenly being attributed to today’s COVID-19 mortality counts.
A CBS12 team in Florida reported:

A 60-year-old man who died from a gun shot wound to the head.

A 90-year-old man who fell and died from complications of a hip fracture.

A 77-year-old woman who died of Parkinson’s disease.

These are some of the deaths in Palm Beach County recently, and incorrectly, attributed to COVID-19 in medical examiner records.

The CBS12 News I-Team uncovered several examples in Medical Examiner reports of people counted as a COVID death who did not die of COVID.

We requested a list of all COVID-19 deaths in Palm Beach County from the Medical Examiner’s office and received a spread sheet of 581 cases.

Each person on the spreadsheet is someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

In each case line, the person’s cause of death and contributing causes of death are listed, if there are any.

The I-Team found eight cases in which a person was counted as a COVID death, but did not have COVID listed as a cause of contributing cause of death.

Not only are deaths in Florida being attributed to COVID when they are not, deaths from days and even weeks ago are suddenly being attributed to COVID as well:

We reported this anomaly before. Deaths that occurred months ago are being added to death counts for coronavirus cases reported today.

For months the CDC has been reporting deaths that are suspected of being COVID (not confirmed) as COVID deaths. And now we know the deaths reported include deaths caused by accidents and the deaths may have occurred months ago but they are suddenly classified and reported as COVID deaths today.

Someone really needs to audit these numbers and determine the real numbers.

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  1. Dave

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