Cisco Systems is “all in” for Black Lives Matter-led TERRORISM and you’re fired if your opinions are any different, according to CEO Chuck Robbins

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Cisco Systems calls having an opinion “inappropriate conduct,” and you get fired on the spot should you criticize Black Lives Matter terrorists who are murdering and raping innocent people, including Blacks, while destroying and burning businesses and police precincts all over America. That’s right, Cisco Systems squelches free speech for its 30,000 employees while calling it “inappropriate conduct” if they have any opinion that doesn’t support BLM-led terrorism.

During a recent company-wide virtual meeting to address racism, CEO Chuck Robbins talked with Black people who work for George Soros’ Equal Justice Initiative about “zero tolerance” of racism in the workplace, which means nobody is allowed to talk to or about Black people, even if they’re criminals and are committing “hate crimes” themselves.

Cisco Systems engages in pathetic virtue signaling, along with all the other race-baiting, America-hating, corporate posers of Silicon Valley

Cisco baited their employees to comment in the online forum, telling everyone they should speak freely about racism and the BLM “movement” (where Americans are encouraged to murder, rape, loot and burn everything they don’t own in the name of equality). A handful of employees were then made examples of when they got fired for posting that BLM is actually racist in its own name – by separating one person from another that are supposed to be trying to live in harmony. You’re fired!

Nobody at Cisco is entitled to have an opinion – unless you support BLM and the murder and rape of Black children in the name of Black people’s rights. You must support Planned Parenthood’s murdering of Black babies in the womb during the third trimester and on the baby’s day of birth, as all Democrat leaders do, or you’re also a racist pig who must be fired.

One employee at Cisco Racist Systems posted, “All lives matter.” That person was also fired. Another intelligent and observant employee posted, “People who complain about racism probably have been a racist somewhere else to people from another race or part of systematic oppression in their own community!” They too were fired on the spot. Somebody else expressed their opinion on the open chat board, and feels like BLM “reinforces racism,” and they’re right. They were fired.

This is “inappropriate conduct” at Cisco Systems and they will not and do not tolerate racism on any level, especially people who aren’t ready to pay slavery reparations and bow down on their knees to all Black people from now on.

Black Lives Matter is a massive gang of thugs who murder and rape innocent people, but you can’t dislike them or you’ll be fired from your Leftist-run job

At Cisco Systems, the CEO is training all employees to “think the right way” or be fired, even during open discussion forums where everyone is encouraged to voice their opinion about discrimination, just not the discrimination that’s happening to them during the forum.

Over 10,000 comments were made during the racist video conference, and each one was read very carefully after, to see who doesn’t support domestic terrorism, and those dissenters were subsequently fired.

Cisco’s CEO drove the nail into the coffin of hatred when he announced he’s donating $5 million to groups that support deadly riots across America, like Antifa. Cisco’s executive vice president, Francine Katsoudas, says she feels “a ton of empathy” for Black employees at the meeting who had to suffer through Republicans pointing out that BLM is a reverse-racist organization.

That’s why Katsoudas is plugging gobs of ‘dark money’ into the Antifa domestic terrorism campaign.

The comments on the message board at Cisco about BLM not being such a fair organization, as they claim to be, were apparently so abusive, volatile, and offensive to the snowflake cry-bully liberal freaks at Cisco that they were “seared” into their minds forever. That’s okay, the rest of us can look forward to the gene pool cleansing.

All in all, things don’t look too promising at C.R.S., Cisco Racist Systems, as Soros-paid BLM riot squads across America kill and rape Black people, burn down their businesses, and pull them from their cars to beat them nearly to death. It’s all on video, too bad that’s not projected on the big screen at the next Nazi-style “appropriate conduct training” at the C.R.S. re-education camp virtual online “meetup.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on BLM terrorism and how you can be arrested or fired for disliking when Black Lives Matter gang members rape and murder innocent people. There’s a new kind of terrorist in America that burns down businesses instead of demolishing twin towers — and it’s a bunch of morons who are led by rich white dudes (Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Soros) who got the masses all so confused they’re literally supporting communism.

This is Minneapolis in 2020. Coming to a “theatre” (crowded city) near you!

4 Responses to “Cisco Systems is “all in” for Black Lives Matter-led TERRORISM and you’re fired if your opinions are any different, according to CEO Chuck Robbins”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    ALL white Christian employees of CISCO should quit. Here’s how ya do it :

    First get your new job. Then quit suddenly – no 2 weeks notice. Tell the freaks why as you leave “because I don’t want to work for a pro communist pro terrorist and terrorist funding employer. Go F&CK yourselves !”

    Now look at the fake punk idiot try to suck up to the terrorists … and they boo him and his security has a scuffle with 🙂 These jerks don’t understand. When the bad people take over … they’re coming for them. being a treasonous traitor doesn’t pay –

  2. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s another c&nt who just doesn’t get it –

  3. Dave

    As this degenerate shit show known as Amurica collapses in utter disgrace from generations of corruption, fraud, malfeasance, war mongering, and mass murder around the globe (in the name of corporations like Cisco), which, led by a piece of shit like Robbins, now want to feign indignation over a false narrative of systemic racism. The real issue is, how our criminal gubbmint, police state apparatus, military/security complex, banksters, and CEO’s like Robbins have looted the nation’s wealth and respect and relevance. The consolation is, that as this nation collapses into abject lunacy, and the supply chain and logistics system falters and MASS FUCKING STARVATION (TO DEATH) sets in, the Robbins of this world will be hunted down, along with their kids and grandkids, and treated to a good old fashioned beating (to death) like baby seals, helpless, on the beach. Robbins, you are a typical piece of fucking shit, and this feigned indignation of yours I would suggest, is his feeble minded attempt to ‘cover his ass’ when the starving masses come unhinged and go SCUMBAG HUNTING. Scumbag hunting will also apply to the Cuntgress, banksters, attorneys (shysters one and all), judges, CEO’s, bureaucrats of all description; get the picture? Fuck’em all with a good, stout, Louisville Slugger.


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