TERROR VAX! The most realistic & daunting vaccine predictions for 2021 – Part I of III

Saturday, July 18, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: S.D. Wells
Saturday, July 18, 2020

The true-to-life horrors of vaccines are about to get a whole lot worse. Just in the past 20 years, the vaccine industry has quietly paid out over $4 billion in damages to families whose kids now suffer from brain damage, neurosis or some form of autism spectrum disorder. It’s all an overload of concoctions rushed to market from creepy labs where scientists are paid to mix deadly chemicals, heavy metal toxins and genetically modified bacteria and viruses. It’s all just experimentation, like the Polio vaccine — and there’s no proof they even work anymore, if ever did for that matter. That’s just the beginning. Things are changing rapidly, and the future is almost here. The Sci-Fi future of vaccines and microchips is a horror story about to become real, like the British science fiction series, Black Mirror. Anyone recall the episode titled, “The Entire History of You?” Keep reading.

VACCINE CREEP SHOW: The Sci-Fi Future HORRORS of vaccines containing microchips for GPS-tracking, plus ‘controlled release’ of virus strains and abortion/sterilization medications

In the Sci-Fi “Black Mirror” episode mentioned above, we see the implantation of a “grain” chip, but it’s implanted behind the ear instead of being injected by vaccine. Because the chip is so high-tech, it can record what the human sees and hears. That may be a sci-fi stretch for your imagination, but in Sweden right now, there’s an incubator “Epicenter” where they embed a RFID microchip (the size of a grain of rice) inside the employees (2015) so those workers can operate printers, open doors, and gain entry to events, like an internal key fob. Seriously. Watch how proud these sheeple clowns are to have the chip embedded …

Then the government can track you everywhere like a terrorist, and connect your embedded micro-chip to drones that are programmed to “control” protests, riots or even official narrative dissenters.

Mind you, there’s already a subdermal RFID chip that has an internal battery and can take your temperature, then transmit the results via Bluetooth to a smart device. And yes, researchers have already developed a subdermal implant that “automatically” delivers a “steady dose of medication” directly into your bloodstream for a year or more. This quarter-size chip contains anti-psychotic medicine that has side effects of thoughts of suicide and homicide.

How does it work? Doses inside the chip or “disk” literally slowly dissolve at some rate that mad scientists (vaccine chip ‘scientists’ will be Bill Gates and George Soros, who are NOT scientists) decide is the “right amount.” The medication creep show is already underway as they already use these subdermal psych-medication-delivery microchips in schizophrenics.

The vaccine disk could easily contain sterilization and abortion drugs, like the drugs discovered in the Bill Gates-funded vaccines (promoted by World Health Organization of course) they used to target and sterilize millions of young African teenaged girls right when they enter child-bearing age.

Doctors in Kenya discovered the Tetanus vaccines were laced with abortion drugs and anti-fertility agents (HCG antigen), only after they realized there was a massive spike in infertility rates in their country. Evidence was found in SIX different samples of the Tetanus vaccine from various locations around Kenya. This is what’s meant by dirty vaccines, folks. Dirty vaccines.

Question is, do you know the risks of sub-dermal implants and can they be used by the vaccine industrial complex for population control?

icrochip implants or “discs” involve surgery or vaccination. During surgery, there’s an incision made into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, cutting deep into fat layers. Then a dermal separator is used to create an insertion pocket, like a cavity between fascia and fat. Voila. You’re all stitched up and set loose. The skin heals around it. Sounds safe in theory, but it’s about the most dangerous concept for medicine and vaccines.

Here are just a few ominous possibilities not far from the chopping block right now.

#1. Covid-19 Micro-Chip – releases contents by government computer and tracks vaccinated/medicated humans for future quarantine on the real “Dr. Moreau’s Covid Island,” where everybody is infected with a more deadly version of novel coronavirus, like one huge experiment. Welcome to Bill Gates’ Covid Island, a.k.a. the Island of Dr. Moreau’s GMO-Humans …

#2. SSRI Psychotropic Meds Micro-Chip – (psychotropic medications) with genetically modified viruses released into your blood (make you go crazy) at any given time – controlled by Hillary Clinton’s secret basement computer – what could go wrong?

#3. Opiod-Laced Micro-Chip – Time-released dumbing-down medications INSIDE the vaccine chip, like a concentrated opoid-based “therapy” to lull the masses into Communist submission.

#4. Sound Torture Micro-Chip – Microchips can emit low frequency torturous sounds we can’t hear, called brown noise, used by Hitler in WWII before he spoke to the masses – perfect for a Bill Gates speech. Yes, Hitler used inaudible noise torture before his speeches so the masses felt uneasy, agitated, unwell. Then he’s shut the sound off right when he began speaking, and everyone felt relief and at ease.

Is this really the future of vaccines? We’re not far away right now, folks. Watch out. Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for updates on depopulation vaccines that contain deadly chemicals and microchips. Watch this elitist freak, Elon Musk, try to talk the world into having embedded microchips in their brains. You cannot make this up. This is mind-blowing, and timed suicide, to say the least, if anyone really tries it.

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