Calif. Gov. Newsom to release 8,000 prisoners as part of nationwide destabilization scheme run by Democrats

Thursday, July 16, 2020
By Paul Martin

by: Ethan Huff
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Before August, California Governor Gavin Newsom is planning to release upwards of 8,000 convicted prisoners, which he claims is necessary to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a recent announcement, Corrections Secretary Ralph Diaz tried to make the case that this is the best course of action “to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff.”

“We aim to implement these decompression measures in a way that aligns with both public health and public safety,” he contends.

Newsom’s initial plan is to set free prisoners with 180 days or less remaining of their sentences, followed by prisoners with no more than one year left of their sentences. Priority will be given to prisoners who are 30 years of age or older, while those under the age of 30 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

“This is serious stuff and requires a seriousness of purpose,” Newsom told the Los Angeles Times about his latest controversial initiative. “People are just saying just release thousands and thousands of people.”

“Each and every one of these cases are sobering, challenging, and there’s a deep responsibility that comes with this job, but a sense of deep urgency as well to decompress the system in a judicious and thoughtful way,” he added.

One vocal opponent of the plan is Vern Pierson, the District Attorney in Northern California’s El Dorado County. He told the media that it is “concerning” for public safety what Newsom is planning to do in the name of pandemic “relief.”

“The Newsom administration also has not made clear whether crime victims and prosecutors will be given notice when an inmate is released or if they will be able to file objections,” he says.

Newsom is a treasonous traitor who must be removed for America to survive

While some are sure to be persuaded that Newsom’s intentions are laudable, the fact of the matter is that the real goal here involves collapsing the United States from within.

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show is publishing a series that takes a closer look at Newsom’s role in the dismantling of America through the destabilization of California, which involves releasing prisoners and causing societal chaos.

Many conservatives have already been trained to respond to the prospect of California collapsing with sentiments of, who cares? But this is a misnomer, as what happens to California eventually happens to every other state, usually within just a few years. And in this case, it could be a lot sooner.

It is also important to remember that California is where a bulk of our nation’s food is grown, including most of the nuts and leafy greens found on store shelves. It is also where about 30 percent of retail revenue is derived.

“A departed California will economically devastate this country and produce widespread food shortages,” Hodges writes, warning that the reason California seems to be ground zero for liberal lunacy is that its collapse and takeover will tip the domino that results in the rest of the nation following suit.

“This is the globalist goal and as the caravans of illegal immigrants, from Central and South America, arrive, the plan to destroy America will kick into high gear,” Hodges warns.

“Under its last two governors, Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom, California is mired in treason and massive mismanagement of its State’s money.”

Be sure to check out Hodges’ full analysis and interview with Paul Preston, the President of the New California, 51st state movement, at this link.

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